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The Prodigal Pilot Returns! Let’s slaughter the fatted calf, be grateful and make merry!

Well, Bf got back, at last. Though it wasn’t quite the reunion I had hoped for. Bf was, understandably, completely knackered after his eleven hour flight home (as was I from no sleep) and we both crashed into bed asleep, for a few hours whilst baby took her nap. We woke, and I cooked roast chicken. I had wanted to cook him a roast, as it’s something he loves.

Unfortunately, it’s not the quickest of meals to prepare, and the children were desperate for attention. Not a great mix with two over-tired parents.  We ended up getting irritable with one another and bickering sporadically over mindless rubbish that didn’t even matter. He was being a pratt, and I was taking the bait (and also being a bit of a pratt too).

As far as he was concerned: he’s just done an eleven hour flight, and is battling jet-lag; I should be giving him some down-time.

As far as I was concerned: he’d been living a life of luxury for six days in 5 star hotels; maids cleaning up after him, chefs cooking for him, waiters bringing him anything he desires to eat or drink; whist he tops up his tan, and takes a dip in the pool when it gets too warm… Yes he’s a bit tired after his long flight and a bit of jet-lag, but Meanwhile, I have had 6 days with very little sleep! I’ve had to work, deal with a baby that has EIGHT molar teeth coming through at once, and therefore has a fever and a sore bottom, and refuses to sleep; maintain the home, take care of day-to-day life with three children, blah blah blah…

Any way. We spent most of our time for the next twenty-four hours bickering and generally behaving like idiots with one another, before we finally came to our senses. 

He apologised for not appreciating how hard it can be for me, and said that he has difficulty adjusting between his life away, and his life at home.  He said that it’s not as luxurious as I imagine, especially when he has to travel and move about as much as he did this time, living out of a suitcase, and mixing with people he barely knows.

I felt like patronising him, and saying “Oh big deal! BOO HOO!” but I guess I can understand that it’s not exactly the relaxing holiday I make it out to be.

I think that maybe in the future I am just going to stop making life harder for myself… NO more full-on roasts are going to be cooked when I am sleep deprived, just because he came home from a long-haul trip-too much stress! I shall be sticking to something quick and simple like tortellini (or pasta (cowboy) hats, as my boys call them).

Hopefully the teething will be over soon, and at least with the teeth all coming at once; they’ll be over and done with quicker. Do any of your pilots struggle to switch between work and home mode?


7 Responses to “The Prodigal Pilot Returns! Let’s slaughter the fatted calf, be grateful and make merry!”

  1. Hi! I actually found your blog through JetGirls!
    I’ve enjoyed your posts and sometimes get quite a chuckle! It’s nice knowing I’m not alone in the pilot wife lifestyle! 🙂

  2. wow ur life sounds so much like mine. Yes, we had a tough time in balancing but soon we realised that we cannot spend the littlle time we have for ourselves nagging at each other. We just know that both of us r working hard to keep uor faminly in our own ways . so that has made our lives lot easier.

    Annie Bankss
    Private Pilos Secrets

  3. I just giggle when I read these posts. Not that they are funny, but I can totally empathize. I can see his side of things, but I can DEFINITELY see your side a bit more 🙂 I dread having kids on my own for a week at a time.

  4. My other half has just been away for two months. When he was away it was all ‘Oh I am going to spoil you when I get back’ etc etc. He gets back sets up on the PS3 and asks me ‘what I want to do?’…what do I want? Stop making my life harder by giving me all your washing, cooking you meals and being the maid you have when you are away – pick me up from work one night and take me out and spoil me before it gets too fricking late! That is how I currently feel. Selfish ***!
    Yes your latest article has hit a nerve, haha can’t you tell?!
    P.S – he is now going to be away 2 weeks out of every month before his 4 month tour in Feb!

  5. I can relate to your situation too. I don’t know why, but the moment my DH gets in the car when I pick him up from the airport the bickering just starts up. Why can’t we just be all kissy kissy and lovey dovey and ne happy to see each other? I think it definately is due to the transition issue (for him from work to home and for me from being alone with the baby to him being home again and longing for a helping hand and an occasional hug or kiss). My baby is teething right now too, and I do not like being woken up with wailing screams when I just barely fell asleep. I feel your pain.

  6. Good for you, I say! You guys are both being good partners, but don’t break your back trying to be a June Cleaver … that’s just silly. I agree w/ you and think you should keep that roast for a more appropriate, less-hurried time.
    My husband has a 90+ minute drive b/t his airport and home. So when he commutes back to SFO, he has plenty of time on his own to decompress and “acclimate”. If anything, we’re more snippy w/ each other after he’s been home for too long!!

  7. OMG I read this and I died inside…hahaha I KNOW! Jeff is gone and comes back tomorrow, and I litteraly had a meltdown. It all started on Monday, in the grocery shopping line…of course you get ready to pay, you’re exhausted, and your kiddo decides to throw the biggest tantrum in the world right as your about to pay. I don’t think I have ever been SO mad with her behavior, but I think it seemed like a bigger deal because I was just flat out exhaused. Poor thing spent a majority of Monday in the thinking chair. LOL Finally, when I put her to bed, I decided NO SCHOOL FOR ME TUESDAY. I needed a mental vacation. When I woke up, I dropped the kid off at school, and off I went to eat a nice quiet lunch with my Paw Paw and one of my best friends. That WAS SO LOVELY. Then after that I went and got a massage, and INSTANTLY felt better, it was worth going out of the budget for. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. So I decided that I needed a break so I could be a better mom, better student, better teacher, and better potential girlfriend. LOL I just felt like I was losing my mind.

    Now it is Thursday, and I feel well rested, and am ready to go! I can’t wait for him to get back. I was glad he was gone so he didn’t have to witness the meltdown of my interior core. You are such an inspiration for us, and I am glad you are doing this blog. It makes me smile! I am glad I found it!

    Have a wonderful day! Good luck wrangling those kiddos!

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