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Raising Babies with a Pilot

Well, actually, I haven’t had a chance to get bored since my last post. Baby’s got EIGHT molar teeth coming through all at once, meaning she’s been suffering with loose bowels and severe nappy rash. She wont let me near her mouth to brush her teeth or rub bonjella or calgel on them and has been rather scratchy at night.

Tonight she hasn’t even been willing to take her Calpol. I’m at my wits end… I think I have had a total of about 14 hours sleep over the past 4 nights! I just wish Bf was here to take over for a few hours so I could get some sleep!

I’ve been taking every opportunity I can during the day to catch up-but have been unsuccessful because the builders are so noisy! I feel and look like I am twice my age this week! I have No energy, and despite eating rubbish; I’ve managed to lose 9lb since I last weighed myself a few weeks ago!?

Thankfully one of my friends who’s fiancĂ© is also a commercial pilot, came over last night; and we had a girly night in. It was absolutely lovely to have some fun company… Baby was bizarrely quiet for the whole duration of her visit; and the time flew!

Then today, as a treat to my boys for beng little stars for me and helping me out in my sleep deprived state (I actually don’t know how I’d have coped with out their help and their being so well behaved), I took them to a massive adventure playground, so that they could burn off their excess energy.

I feel dead on my feet and need to sleep, but Baby is still up, she’s in obvious pain, bless her, and is content as long as she is in my arms. So you’ll excuse me if I keep this entry short-typing my blog on a touch-screen keyboard on my mobile phone with Baby in my arms isn’t the easiest!


One Response to “Raising Babies with a Pilot”

  1. I remember those days! but they to shall pass, then when they get older, you kinda wish they would get sick so they will slow down long enough to want you and need your attention.

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