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Bored out of my box!

Well, Bf is gone now. I wont see him for six days. Before he left I slipped a little ‘I love you’ card that I’ve been saving, into his wallet. I also found a cute ‘Daddy’ card; and this morning, I painted Baby’s tiny hand with red paint, and pressed it into the card so he’d have a little red hand-print in it from her. I know he’ll appreciate them when he finds them.

I miss him terribly already. It’s so silly that after all this time I can still get like this. I don’t get upset about his absence very often at all any more; but just every now and again when he goes away, I feel completely deflated over it.  I guess that my not being terribly busy at the moment is the primary cause.

It would be easier if I had arranged a girly night out or something, but I really have nothing much to do this week! A little work, and some reading to do for my new job, and mine and Baby’s weekly get together with the girls from my old antenatal group and Baby’s little chums; but nothing special to look forward to whilst he’s away for this trip. I feel like I’m in limbo, because I want to be more occupied whilst he’s gone.

Unfortunately my new job isn’t offering me enough hours (yet) to really make me feel as busy as I’d like. Hopefully the workload will increase reasonably quickly. I have never been someone who is content to sit in the home with nothing to do but watch day time television.

Perhaps I need a good book. I have been reading Belle Du Jour, the secret adventures of a London Call Girl; which is a hilarious light hearted read. Bf bought it for me, along with the new sequel book; because we’ve been enjoying the television series (catch it on youtube if you’ve never seen it). But I could really do with a riveting book, the kind you just can’t put down. I have been given one called the ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’ that has been recommended to me by Bf’s sister-so I might give that a go; but reading through the blurb on the back-it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the kind of book that grips me to the point I want to inhale the pages without distraction.

Baby and I met a few friends this morning for a walk around a large National Trust Park, which was great; but now she’s asleep in her cot, the boys are at school, Bf is flying somewhere in the sky at about 38,000 feet, and I am bored. Bored of making cups of tea for the chain-smoking builders working on our house, and bored of the lack of activity.

Anyone got any fun suggestions for me?!


8 Responses to “Bored out of my box!”

  1. I get that way too when my hubby goes away. It’s just me and my dog. I probably should go find a hobby to do or a group to join, to occupy my time…

    As for something you could do, I’m really good at vegitating in front of the TV, watching movies when I’m bored. Or a good book. But I haven’t found a really good one for a while either. I’m in the middle of “The Historian” which is pretty good. It’s taking me a while to read though.

  2. I always find rubbish TV like Jordan and Peter entertains me when I’m on my own!! Or could you invite the baby mums round for the evening and have a meal or something?
    I’m rubbish with books so any suggestions would be great!!

  3. You can instant message me! My blog website name at gmail. I waste away hours and hours IMing while my hubby’s gone, and he leaves on another trip tomorrow morning…it makes me feel a bit less lonely.

    Have you read the Twilight series?

  4. The Time Travellers Wife is fantastic – one of my favourite books. I urge you to read it!

    Reading this post makes me uneasy – my OH is still waiting for his first FO post so I am still waiting to see what it will be like when he is off somewhere at 30,000 ft and I am stuck at home.

    It seems to be important to keep yourself busy and occupied – it’s difficult to think of things that you and baby can do together though as everything I think of isn’t really baby friendly! Result of being child free (or as my “FatherInLaw” says – B.C., or Before Children).

    Hmmm I’ve always fancied going to one of those places where you can have lunch and make some pottery – is baby too young to go along to this? I quite fancy having a go at making some pots / dishes but then this could just be me?!

  5. Sorry to make you feel uneasy Jem, if it makes you feel less aprehensive, I feel MUCH BETTER now! Lol!

    Thats an absolutely FANTASTIC idea! I think there is one of those quite near to where I live too! Thanks for that suggestion 🙂

  6. Hey there… thank you for your suggestion to start a blog myself. That is one of the ways I am going to be passing the time when my husband is away.

    Take a look at my entry “Husband gone” and “Husband gone continued”… I am glad I planned a week to hang out with my girl friends.

    I have a really long one on there at the beginning that has to do with my feelings about gay marriage… you can find the blog archives listed to the right to access the ones you want to read. So you can skip what you don’t want to read and find what you like. Hope you like it!

    I hope you also don’t mind that I posted a link to this blog. If you want me to take your blog off let me know. 😉 XXOO

  7. “Homefront” has had some decent reviews. 🙂 And it’ll make the 6 day wait seem like nothing.

  8. Thanks everyone for all of your support and suggestions. I’ll definitely rea the Time Traveller’s Wife then Jem, and I’ll try ‘Homefront’ too Kristen; thank you.

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