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Feeling S.A.D about trip separation

Bf is going on a long-haul trip tomorrow. He’s spending the first three nights of the trip in a different hotel in a different city, and then he’ll get to spend 2 nights in the last one before flying home again. A part of me is very jealous, because he’ll get to spend time away in a hot country whilst we endure abysmal British rain and drizzle that’s been forecast to last for the entire duration of his escape.

The other part of me doesn’t envy living out of a suitcase, and having to cart everything around with such a short time between stops.

I am not looking forward to the separation between us this time. I have been feeling a little off peak for the past week or so (I cant quite put my finger on why)… The weather here is changing, and I can feel autumn has arrived already; whilst winter is looming ominously in the background, threatening to deprive me of long sunny days and warmth on my skin.

I dislike the winter. I dislike the short days, and I dislike the cold weather. I think I am the only person alive who does not like snow, and I am convinced I suffer with S.A.D syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  My mood is just generally less bouncy, and I feel far less energetic. Maybe this is why I’m in a bit of a funk? Maybe it’s just post-summer blues.  Hopefully I’ll get over it soon enough.

I hate saying goodbye to him when I feel like this, as this is when my green eyes take over and I am in danger of feeling resentful about having to hold the fort down here; whilst he is off enjoying 5 star luxury hotels, and topping up his tan.  I already felt a pang or annoyance when he showed me his beautiful photographs from his last trip to some islands I have always wanted to go to.

Luckily he managed to get a 5 day trip in November that I am able to go on too. So I’m focusing on that to get me through my crappy moments.

We decided that we just couldn’t live with the “will I get on or wont I get on” jitters that I always get a week or so before I have to travel on a standby (non-rev) ticket anywhere though; and couldn’t stand the thought of missing out on the trip after arranging child care for the boys, who will be at school (good old mum).  So I booked a confirmed ticket for baby and I.  It’s an expense we could do without really; but since the ‘perk’ of being staff only affords us stress about whether or not I’ll actually get on-I figured I’d rather live with the cost than the stress; especially with Baby in tow.

Bf was relieved too, at least now he can be 100% focused on his role without any worries niggling at him in the airport. The timing was a pain though. With the collapse of XL, all the airlines (including Bf’s) appear to have increased their prices to account for the fact that passengers have fewer choices. As we don’t get discount on this type of ticket, I had to fork out the full fare.


2 Responses to “Feeling S.A.D about trip separation”

  1. I know what you mean! Think I have SAD too! I’m sure I was born to live somewhere hot and sunny!

  2. I live somewhere hot and sunny and believe me I can’t wait until cooler weather!! Everyone is so excited that is going to be 70 degrees at night and below 90 during the day! Bring out the sweaters – hahahahaha!

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