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Help!? My pilot is lusting after other women-on planes!

I had to write about this. It is kind of funny, but still gets to me a weenie bit! Bf keeps making comments about a few girls he keeps seeing at work occasionally…

He comes home and raves about them. In fairness, I think he forgets that he’s already mentioned her/them… But then he’ll come home and tell me AGAIN how great they look!

I know I shouldn’t get jealous; it’s totally daft, but he’s not normally the type of guy who lavishes anyone with heaps of compliments. These chicks have probably had more compliments lavished on their stunning looks in recent years than I have!

I have to say I agree, they are beautiful; but it’s just not nice to lust after other women you ‘work with’ if you’re a pilot is it?  I mean, where’s the respect?! 

I thought I’d dig up a few pictures so that you could see for yourselves.

Yup, they’re the Hed Kandi planes from the Monarch fleet. They only fly to the Spanish party islands and back to the UK (the Hed Kandi routes); so it’s only a minor fling; but seriously how am I supposed to compete with Babes painted on Boeings for crying out loud?! HAHA!



3 Responses to “Help!? My pilot is lusting after other women-on planes!”

  1. THAT’S GREAT! you totally had me fooled at first. And wow, they are hot!

  2. that was awesome, I got hubby to read it to, and he LHAO! Good one!

  3. That is so funny. They are pretty hot though!

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