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Are Pilots Boring?

Haha, I just checked through a few posts on some of the blogs I read when I came accross one of Elsja’s posts called Google Searching about Google searches made. I decided to share some of the funnier Google hits my blog has received. I swear to God that some of them are so random that I have no idea how on earth they managed to find my blog as a result:

  • “Are Pilots Boring?” – As far as I am aware I have never written about pilot’s being boring. I am amused that someone has bothered to do a search on it though!
  • “is it boring being a pilot” – Seems to be a bit of a theme developing!
  • “wee pilot” – ???
  • “loopy Canada” – This hit a post I wrote about an air Canada pilot
  • “pilot’s wife september 4, 2008” – I have no idea what is so important about this, but I have had 8 hits on this search alone in the past 30 days!?
  • “birthday suit”
  • “pilot in airplane with brown curl hair about age 20” – Yes Nicole, they found me via the same random search that they found you (It MUST be the same odd person as you mentioned here huh?)
  • “toilet engaged”
  • “Plonker”
  • “Sheep Birthday”
  • “How to remove alcoholic from your medical record” I hope this is not actually possible for pilots?!
  • “sex cabins let’s be adults”
  • Oh, and my personal favourite: “Sheep Love” – I kid you not. I once wrote an entry where I mentioned a card company who make their products from SheepPooPaper. Never did I seriously imagine that people would hit my blog on searches about animal ‘love’. Eeuw.  I have had heaps more wacky searches. But can’t access the stats from so far back

7 Responses to “Are Pilots Boring?”

  1. Great idea ! I looked in my stats, and found the following one:

    “fighting boredom” – because of a post I wrote about new things private pilots can do if they get bored of their flying (new rating, new trips, …)

    “do i need charts to fly vfr” – well, I had a post about charting, but to be fair, the question sounds scary…

    “three things i don’t like about the web site?” – Not any clue why google sent it to my blog.

  2. I guess they are-thanks for clearing that up

  3. I was laughing so hard my eyes watered. Who is the searcher of brown curl hair pilots? I need to get a protective order from that wacko!

  4. How do you the google search thing?

  5. We pilots arent’ boring. .why we can talk about airplanes throughout a dinner party and not let anyone else change subjects or get a word in edgewise. That’s the life of the party imho :)!

  6. I agree… who is searching for a particular brown hair pilot? Probably some stalker passenger that fell in love while exiting the plane! 🙂

  7. To Regional GF:

    I’m not sure how it works on Blogger (your weblog provider), but from WordPress blogs, you can view your blog stats from your blog ‘Dashboard’… Part of those stats will be your Search engine hits.

    If that doesn’t work, I’d try asking one of the other Blogger girls!?

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