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Making a (hot dog) stand

I got a call yesterday from one of the promotional modelling agencies that I used to do work for years ago. The way the game works in promotional modelling is that you have to do some of the agencies less desirable jobs (their ‘bread and butter work) in order to get offered the more fun/event jobs.

I had to do restaurant openings and on-board ferry work in order to get offered stuff like the dance weekender, F1, superbike and other high profile event work that I did. So when they asked me if I’d like to make the trip all the way down to Brighton to work for a high profile beach party hosted by Fat boy slim; without having done ANY other work for them in over 6 years, I was suspicious enough to wonder what the catch was.  Sure the money wasn’t all that great; but I’ve heard about this event-it would be quite a high profile, fun job… I’m sure their regular girls and guys would be clambering over themselves to glam up the event?!

“Well, you would need to wear a costume” the consultant told me over the phone…

Hmmm. “What kind of costume?” I asked… Thinking, it’s a beach party, maybe they want me to wear something rather more minimalist and skimpy than I would fancy.

“Well, it’s very light weight”

Come on, I thought, you’re going to have to tell me more than that! “Rrrrrrright……..?”

“Er… Well, it’s for a new promotion that Walkers are running an ad campaign (Do me a flavour) on TV for.  Have you seen it? It’s the one where they’re asking customers to come up with new flavours for their crisps? …So, it’s for that. You’d need to take feedback from beach party attendees, and people who have done this job at other events have said it was really fun!”

She sounded optimistic at the end, as though she hoped I would just agree without asking any more questions.

Hmm, I thought… She’s avoiding answering the question.

“Okay, but WHAT EXACTLY are these costumes, I mean, WHAT EXACTLY would I have to wear?”

“Oh.” She said; less enthusiasm in her tone this time… “Well, because it’s to do with flavours, it’s themed on that…” (she paused, I remained silent) “So like, one of them is a hot dog, and one of them is a corn on the cob, you know, stuff like that?”

WTF!?!?!! I can’t believe she thought I’d dress up as a hot dog! MAYBE I would have done it in my student days, I did all kinds of wacky jobs for them back then (stuff on roller-blades, some costume work, dancing, etc) but nothing like that in the more recent years I did it! Surely she checked my file before calling me?! HAHAHAHAHA!

I declined. I did so as politely as I could without wetting myself laughing at her.

“Okay, well, thanks for the offer, but I don’t really think I could drive all that way, pay for parking in the exceptionally busy, and notoriously difficult and expensive-to-park Brighton, and then dress up as ‘a hot dog’ for 8 hours, for the money you’re offering. I really appreciate you calling me, but I don’t think that this job is really me.”

She sounded unsurprised. Bf thought it was absolutely hilarious. until I reminded him of a time (when we were first together); he was still training, and I had got him doing some of the promo work with me. He was broke and needed the money, and I needed extra cash to pay for my divorce.

We did a few bits and pieces, and we very nearly accepted a job that involved us dressing up as Elves. I thought it hilarious, and threatened to take pictures to show all the other cadet pilots he was training with. I kept doing mock passenger announcements, saying, “Hello, this is your elf speaking, please fasten your seat belts an prepare for take off.”  Needless to say, we never did do the job, despite the fact that it paid what was a huge amount of money to us at the time.


3 Responses to “Making a (hot dog) stand”

  1. I don’t think I’d do it if I had to be a hot dog, but corn on the cob might be interesting!

  2. Lol! Nicole, you’re braver than me… They said there would be a mesh over the face (i.e you wouldn’t get recognised) but I’d still know it was me!!!

  3. I bet a skimpy bikini was rather more appealing after that!

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