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Wedding in the Sky!

Haha! I just saw the funniest thing on Airliner blog. A post about a wedding that took place in the sky above Edmonton on Saturday.

Sun News Edmonton reported:

Both pilots; Michael Griffith and Martha Bull tied the knot Saturday aboard a Boeing 737 cruising nearly 10 km above Alberta’s capital city.

About 70 guests took their seats in the aircraft as it circled around Edmonton for an hour during the ceremony.

The aviation theme continued at the reception, with an airplane-topped cake and little chocolate planes on the tables.

Haha! I bet Bf would just love this idea if he weren’t so phobic about marriage! Not sure I’d fancy the wedding breakfast though!


3 Responses to “Wedding in the Sky!”

  1. Believe me or not, but I was thinking about you and your bf when I wrote the post :).

  2. Haha, is that good or bad?

  3. Crikey! Bet that cost a bit….!!! haha!

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