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Crossing a (telephone) line

Bf is away on a long-haul trip at the moment. I was pretty hacked off yesterday morning. He always rings me to say goodnight wherever he is. Except on Friday night/Saturday morning. I was absolutely freaking out on Saturday morning. I must have made a million calls to his hotel and mobile phone.

As it turns out; he’d become pally with the other pilot on the trip. They had a love of mountain trekking in common; and by the end of the night were busy discussing arrangements for a possible sponsored mountain trek. The result of possibly slightly too much to drink together. He had lost track of time. When he got to his room, he had tried to call me, but realised he had lost his mobile phone. He tried to ring me from the hotel phone, but in his less than sober state-only managed to unintentionally disable the phone into ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. 

He then managed to lock himself out of his room. Great! He spent the next God only knows how long, trying to re-track his lost phone without success. Then realised he was unable to get into his room.

Meanwhile. I was convinced that he’d been mugged or was unconscious or worse. Then I managed to get through to his mobile phone… I was momentarily relieved, until I heard a female voice answer really bolshily:


I assumed I had dialed incorrectly. Pulled the phone from my ear to check the number; saw Bf’s number, and, assumed the worst… I sobbed, and said

“Hello??? Is my Bf there?!”

She hung up on me!!! I was stunned. I immediately rang back, and the call was dropped. This went on for about 5 minutes until the phone was switched off!

I was actually pretty convinced that Bf had done the dirty on me! I mean, Innocent women don’t hang up in that kind of situation-do they?! If she had happened to innocently find his phone and was not with him, she would have wanted to set me straight and not have me be traumatised; right?!

But then, I also had a little voice in the back of my mind saying, but IF Bf was going to do that to you… He’d at least be smart enough not to give his mobile phone to the ‘lady’ in question and allow her to answer it to the mother of his child!

I had over an hour to ponder this to myself before Bf rang me. He called from the reception phone, and said he was sorry for not ringing me; he couldn’t find his phone anywhere and was worried that it had been stolen. He also said that they were having trouble getting into his room, as he had apparently managed to lock it out.

I was pretty pissed off, as he seemed more concerned about the whereabouts of his phone, than he did about how traumatised I was! I said that a hostie must have his phone. I explained what happened.  As it happens, a hostie had picked up his phone after he’d walked off and left it at the table.  She was going to return it to him the next day. She even apologised to him, and said,

“Oh-by the way, I think I may have accidentally given your girlfriend the wrong impression.”

Oh, you THINK huh?! You THINK you MIGHT have given me the wrong impression answering my man’s phone to me like that at 3am local time? How very perceptive of you… Did you work that out AS you were hanging up on me, WHILST you were dropping my calls or AFTER you switched it off?! How very astute of you, my perceptive friend!

Seriously, WHAT kind of person, if she thinks that she may have traumatised someone by accident, THEN proceeds to follow it up by hanging up on them, without bothering to try and explain the innocence of the situation?! She obviously didn’t have even one shred of human decency! How dare she creepily pretend to him that she was sorry the next day!

He was pissed-off too. Especially when she asked him today if I was ‘still in a strop’. Yes, you heard correctly!


Luckily; he tore a strip off her, for her callous comment (which surprises me actually, as he normally avoids all confrontation), and explained how normal people don’t like their partners phones being answered arrogantly by a rude member of the opposite sex; who then proceed to hang up on them, drop subsequent calls and finally switch it off.  Humbled somewhat, she apparently asked him to apologise to me on her behalf… 

Hmmm, after crossing so many lines; you know where you can shove your two-faced, phony apology don’t you sweetie?


11 Responses to “Crossing a (telephone) line”

  1. My Goodness! What an experience! I’d have tracked the witch down and shoved the phone up her nose or something…

    It sucks when you can’t get a hold of your significant other. When my husband and I were still just dating, I went to a friend’s wedding and couldn’t get a hold of him for 2 days. Well, he managed to get himself arrested for something stupid (it always is, isn’t it?) and couldn’t call me until he was released. I remember how frustrated I was, and I feel for you. It can only be magnified more by sharing a child with him.

  2. Oh my god I am completely horrified! I would be spitting feathers if someone tried that with me. So pleased to hear that your BF had a go at her – she was probably expecting him to agree with her about his ‘ball and chain GF in a strop’. What a bitch!!!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me why some chicks can be such unbelievable idiots!!!!

  4. I just was laughing as I read this (not that it’s funny, but it’s great how you write it because I feel your pain). I even had my BF read it and he said “how dumb are hosties?” One time a hostie sprayed his jacket with her perfume. For a second I thought… hmm is something fishy here? Then I realized, even if you’re cuddling up with some skeezy girl, it wouldn’t smell THAT much on the INSIDE of the jackent.

    He thought he got his jacket mixed up with hers and when he asked her about it she said “oh no, I sprayed it with perfume to get you in trouble”

    WTF is wrong with people? I have some special scents I’d like to spray her with… toilet water, skunk, rotting trash…she can take her pick. Luckily her nasty perfume scent has faded over time.

  5. What an evil bitch. Bf has heard of similar stuff in his airline, some of the other pilots have had ‘love notes’ and empty condom wrappers and stuff put in their pockets malliciously to get them into trouble in a similar way. I just cannot understand why anyone would think that was funny to do to their wives?!

    Luckily nothing like that has happened to Bf, I think you’d always ahave a slight quesion mark over the trust in your relationship if THAT happened. It would sound so lame if your man told you’it wasn’t his’ or that ‘one of the hosties must have put it there as a joke’ because you just wouldn’t believe someone would ever think that was an appropriate joke!

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha. And ha ha ha again. I’m sitting here in Australia choking on my breakfast as I read your blog. That is the funniest story – well we know…not the actual story, but yes, the way it’s written. I wondered where it was going for a while!

    I’m not brave enough to write about that side of life – I just write little stories about me and mothering – usually things that happen while he’s away, or that happen here on the farm.

    Keep up the good work. I think we should all get together and write a book! Or after 16 years, at least a manuel.

  7. Wow, that is something else, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have flipped either.
    As Kathy said “Keep up the good work. I think we should all get together and write a book! Or after 16 years, at least a manual.”

    Just wondering where I can purchase said manual?????? I think I’m going to need it! Thanks for sharing the story….It’s kind of interesting to learn of these little tricks online.

    By the way, I had to Google hostie, can you tell I’m new????? lol


  8. Mmmmmm…..sorry to say this, but I don’t believe a word he says…rings far too true to me!!! my husband a pilot with Sleazyjet did exactly same thing…ran off with the “tea?, coffee?, bl*w job?” Hostie a few years ago….I have since heard and seen far too much about pilots to believe a word…

    Sorry…I hope I’m wrong, but please be careful – these girls stop a nothing to bag their pilots..only reason i think some of them apply for job

  9. Thanks for your concern Daisy, but I know my Bf. Especially as far as lies are concerned-my bullshit radar is red hot, especially with him. He cant look me in the eye if he even fibs because he knows I’d see straight through him.

    Plus, he just isn’t that way inclined. He’s as silly as a sheep when he has a drink, and pretty much incapable of successfully achieving anything untoward (if you know what I mean).

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you though. I know the type of man (and woman) you’re talking about, and I know for a fact that this hostie was one of those (she is dating another pilot from the same airline)

  10. i call bullshit on this go through life with blinders on if you want. you know he had fun with a stew and told you a lot of lies you dont want to deal with the truth so be it. it wont be the last stew he plays with just better lies

    • Fuck you beentheretwice. Don’t judge everyone by your own jaded life. I believe my boyfriend was a jerk that night, but not that he cheated on me. Where do you get off spouting spiteful crap like that? It’s clear you’re hurt, but if you project bitterness like that on me again I’ll block your comments

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