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XL Airways has gone bust.

I was on my way home from dropping Bf at the airport for a trip, and I heard the news on the radio: XL airways have gone bust. The Gatwick based charter company have grounded it’s fleet stranding 80,000 holiday makers. 

David Clover from the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK says many more people have had their trips abroad cancelled.

‘There’s around 200,000 customers with advance bookings with XL tour operators.’

Fortunately, any customers who booked through four tour operators – The Really Great Holiday Company, Kosmar Holidays, Freedom Flights, and Aspire Holidays – are protected under the Air Travel Organiser’s Licenses (Atol) scheme.

But those who booked direct with an XL Group company are urged to contact Atol immediately.

That said, my concerns only partially for the inconvenienced holiday makers; they’ll get home eventually, and most should recover their costs, or at the very most face some inconvenience or dissappointment. My main concern is for all the staff who lost their jobs and their loved ones.

I have a friend who’s husband was a first officer for XL, and I just feel absolutely awful for them both.  I only hope that he finds something else soon.  It has made me feel rather closer to the news than I feel comfortable with. 

The XL Website said:

The Companies entered into Administration having suffered as a result of volatile fuel prices, the economic downturn, and were unable to obtain further funding.

The Joint Administrators cannot continue trading the business and therefore all flights operated by the Companies have been immediately cancelled and the aircraft grounded. Going forward, the Joint Administrators are unlikely to be able to trade the business or operate the aircraft.


2 Responses to “XL Airways has gone bust.”

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend losing their job. I am not familar with this airline in the states, but I am too familar with friends calling at a moments notice, laid off, and stressed out, that is universal when it comes to this industry.

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