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“Hot Screen Saver” of a Pilot!

This cracked me up. I was just doing the usual Google rounds for artwork and stories, and found this little gem! It was returned on a search for ‘Airline Pilot Picture’.

The website is called – so I mentally rolled my eyes in anticipation of the image that would greet me (I thought it would likely be of the naff strippogram costume variety.

The picture was entitled “budget-airline-pilot”; but it was not at all what I was expecting!

 Let me know what you think! (Bf and I thought it was hilarious!)

What more can I say; nothing like a pilot in his bronzed birthday suit to put a smile on your face!

“Enjoy him ladies!”


3 Responses to ““Hot Screen Saver” of a Pilot!”

  1. Hubba Hubba,loved it and need a great laugh!

  2. What gets me is that he’s naked, but he’s wearing a knit cap like his head is cold or something… LOL… This is great!!!

  3. Wow…how disturbingly attractive. He fits your “profile of a pilot” to a T!

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