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Break out the Champagne! I am back in the land of the employed again!!!!

YAY! I just got the call from the company I have been dying to hear from about the job I applied for… 

I got the job!

I am absolutely thrilled. It is not nearly as many hours as I was hoping for yet; but apparently the hours will increase…

I had been offered another job with a recruitment company working on pilot recruitment (haha), but I was just so excited and intrigued by this role that I had my heart set on it.  It has far more to do with what I did my degree in than my recent experience too-and I am looking forward to being fascinated by my work!

I’m mildly put out that Bf disappeared with Baby and the oldest to go and fly radio controlled helicopters half way through my ‘you got the job’ telephone call though. I really wanted someone to share my excitement with!

Ho hum!

I am going to speak to my new employers tomorrow regarding information on some research I’ll be doing, and a to arrange a meeting in the real world with them. I just want to go out with Bf to celebrate now, I’ll have to arrange a baby-sitter!

I can breathe a sigh of relief financially too… Although we are not reliant upon me earning an income.  It has an obvious knock on effect to our quality of life. I despise not earning my own money, as I prefer to have my independence. Also, we are going away for a week in November , and I didn’t want to have to pay for the tickets using credit cards.


8 Responses to “Break out the Champagne! I am back in the land of the employed again!!!!”

  1. Yay how fantastic!!! Well done!
    I am soo intrigued to find out what you’re doing! Hope you and your bf made up after the driving incident I can SO relate to that! I just let my SO drive as im so fed up of being “told off”!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! A toast to you!!!



  5. Congrats! It’s always so exciting when you get the job that you want. Hopefully the personal rewards are high, and the stress is low. Good luck!

  6. AWESOME! congrats!

  7. Fantastic news hun – well done. Just shows that it’s true that when one door closes another opens – and hopefully this job will be bigger and better than the last one. Cheers to you!

  8. Congrats with the new job! It sounds awesome. Best of luck.

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