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Okay, this post is purely to those readers who have been unable to leave comments on my blog for technical reasons…

It has come to my attention that at least 2 of my regular readers are unable to leave comments on my blog, despite trying on many occasions. If you have had this problem, I would really appreciate it if you could try out the advice suggested below, and if unsuccessful, email me-so that I can let wordpress know the full extent of the problem.

Just for reference. To leave a comment, you must insert your email address (which is not made public or listed with your comment), and your name (which will be displayed). Without this-you cannot leave a comment on my blog. 

If you are seeing a greyed out box, and seem unable to enter anything in it, try regardless to hover over it, and click into the box, and try to type your comment-with my chosen blog design, you cannot always see the mouse entering the comment box.

If this fails, I have been given the following suggestions (so far) by wordpress to fix the problem:

Hanni: “Can you ask these readers to try a few things?”

Force a refresh on your browser…

Clear the browser’s cache…

Delete your cookies…

UPDATE: I have also received this information today:

I believe there is an issue with the comment fields and the “Sunrise” theme (the design of this blog) when being viewed in Internet Explorer 6. I will pass this along to our design guru and politely ask him to take a look.

If you have tried these tips, and upgraded your Internet Explorer, and still cannot post a comment-please let me know via:

partnerofapilot @ yahoo . co . uk (without the spaces) and I will ask them to look into the matter further!

Thanks for bearing with me!


4 Responses to “Blog comments”

  1. Hi – just seeing if I can comment…

  2. Just a quick thought… The cursor dissappears when you hover over the comment box. If you see this happen, click the left mouse button and type, as it should still allow you to type your comment. Thanks for telling me that RB!

  3. Yay! It works thanks RB!

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