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The hazards of being an airline pilot

Good news! I passed the online assessment (that I spent hours doing on Thursday). I had to sign a confidentiality agreement and a non-competition contract today; and I have been put onto the training module, which I am part way through.

I’m still not guaranteed to get the job, although apparently I have passed the screening part of the selection process.

As long as I complete and pass the training process and evaluation; the job is mine-Hurrah!

Bf’s home again, looking tanned and gorgeous-I do love getting him back after a long-haul trip… He always has a new story to tell.

This time he recounted how odd the other First Officer on the trip was. Apparently he was in his fifties, and was so tight, that he literally didn’t spend a penny! They got there at night, but rather than buy dinner; he waited until morning, and ate a huge breakfast instead…

Then he refused an invitation to join Bf, the captain, and a few other crew members because ‘he doesn’t use hotel pools any more’. Bf asked him why not, and he said that apparently hotel pools don’t have to meet the same hygiene standards as most public pools, and as such he managed to get a nasty infection in his genital region once. Apparently it had a specific name, but Bf couldn’t remember it…

Bf asked what the nature of the infection was; but the FO said it was quite personal and he’d rather not discuss it (okay-so why bring it in the first place then!?)

Once he’d left, the captain said ‘oh I’ve had that too-it’s like a wart on the end of your ‘chap’. It has to be burnt off by the doctor’ (OUCH!)

Bf said: ‘it’s must be quite common if they’d both had it.’ He said it ‘casually’ in passing, but I think the prospect of somethinge iffy occuring to his manhood worried Bf more than the risk of an explosive decomprssion or engine failure at V1! Who knew the perils of being an airline pilot could be so uniquely bizarre!? Lol!


5 Responses to “The hazards of being an airline pilot”

  1. HAHAHAHHAHA! Love the story at the end. I don’t know what “pool” he was swimming in, but warts to me don’t sound like something you catch from chlorinated water! Glad you are moving forward with your job! I’m so behind on blog reading from being gone for 9 days! I need to catch up on everything that is going on 🙂

  2. Apparently it is a known problem with some pools if they are not chlorinated or cleaned frequently enough?! I had the same reaction as you though!

  3. Oh dear that sounds nasty, terribly funny story though!
    CONGRATULATIONS THOUGH MRS!!!!XXX (on the job thing of course)!xx

    • I was wondering if it is hard to become a pilot

      • Ethan, it is very hard to become a pilot. You need a lot of passion and dedication to get there and be willing to leave yourself in significant debt for the privelidge for some years to come.

        If you are very determined, and have the right aptitude and personality though, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to succeed. By the way. I am not too keen on your prior comment-it was rather pointless and a bit random, and you didn’t validate what you said, so I deleted it

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