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Baby’s teething and Bf’s on earlies…

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet this past week… Bf has been off, and I’ve just had other priorities taking up EVERY spare second I’ve had. I’ve had less free time this past week than I did when I worked full-time, and still had 2 children to look after when my day in the office was over! NIGHTMARE!

Any way, that should all settle down soon… Bf’s got to get up at 4am to do a quick short-haul, and will be working until mid afternoon. Then he’s got a long-haul trip on Saturday, and wont get home until late on Monday night.

Baby, who is normally such a little angel, has been SO grizzly and miserable recently. I assumed it must be ‘teething’, and my suspicions were confirmed tonight when I saw half a molar poking through her little bleeding gums (ouch). So I popped a spoon of sleeping potion Calpol into her tiny mouth before she went to sleep tonight. Hopefully we might get a night’s unbroken sleep tonight! She was certainly tired. She was asking for “bath, milk, teeth, bed”! I love that at 17 months she knows her own bed-time routine!

The boys never talked this much when they were her age! It must be Bf’s additional genius genes, or the fact that she’s female! She even pointed at the floor at the teddy bear she’d thrown out of her cot this afternoon, and said ‘tebby bear!?’ (she can’t quite manage ‘teddy bear’)…

She’s been up the last few nights, and Bf has been very good. I did the first night up and down, he did the next two, and tonight, if she’s up-it will obviously fall to me with Bf needing to get his rest! It’ll be the same tomorrow night, and I wont have much choice for the few after that!

Still, at least I can be lazy and not get up until she wakes, and sleep when she sleeps, and not have to cook full on family meals or worry about what I look like for a few days! Haha, he’d have such a nasty shock if he came home early to surprise me… Not the kind of nasty shock that long-haul pilots dread, but the kind where he sees what the house and I look when I don’t bother to do anything I don’t have to for a while! Lol!

Also, there will be no builders for 2 days… Bliss!


2 Responses to “Baby’s teething and Bf’s on earlies…”

  1. I’ve nominated you for a blog award! Go to my blog to see it 🙂

  2. Hi – I don’t comment on many web sites but had to on yours. It’s very well-done! I really like how you write – very to the point, unlike a lot of other sites. Thanks for having this site. I’ll bookmark it and visit regularly. I love visiting other sites about parenting! It seems like there is always something to learn about it. Keep up the great work!

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