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Manequin anyone?

Well, I guess life continues… Bf’s been off for the past few days, but life has been pretty uneventful. I heard back from the company that I applied for the job with, and have just completed an on-line evaluation assessment for them. It was quite intense and involved a heap of on-line research that I didn’t expect to have to do-but I think I did okay… Fingers crossed I’ll have the job!

I spoke to the manager in charge; and unfortunately his voice REALLY sounds like the voice of a guy I know. This chap I know is like Austin Powers-separated-at-birth-twin (right down to the velvet suits) and is the most English of English men I know… He cracks me up, even through his deeply Scientologist psycho-babble tends to irritate other people that we mutually know. I just think he’s a bit quirky, but as a result; I found it really hard to take this manager guy seriously, unless I block the mental image of this friend from my head. I just hope I get the job so that I can meet him and lay that image to rest!

I also had a call from a manequin company wondering if I  wanted to sell manequins for them, and assuring me I’d be making thousands and thousands of pounds per month on part time hours (hmmmmm)! LOL! I declined, but I thought it would have been quite a funny job title! I can just imagine pitching it to them… Yeah well, you should get this one, and we can have her look like this for you too (strikes fashion pose in style of ‘Zoolander’).

Oh well, onwards and upwards (I hope). Bf is still tinkering with radio controlled helicopters, so I am going to escape for a few hours before I go insane.


2 Responses to “Manequin anyone?”

  1. Ooh did you hear about this plane oven fire incident?
    Just spotted this… Usual Daily Mail hype!

    Good luck with the job application

  2. I had heard about it… But thank you. Not all of the elements of the story are correct though. There was no microwave involved apparently.

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