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Human tragedy tales emerging from the Spanair JK5022 Crash

I was just catching up on the Spanair JK 5022 Crash in Madrid from last week, and have read some really sad stories. There were two that particularly left a lump in my throat…

One was that a male passenger, Ruben Santana Mateo tried to get off the flight. Apparently he was not happy with the long delays due to technical faults, and told crew that he wished to get off the plane. The crew refused him the right to disembark (I imagine for security reasons, as they would have had to offload his luggage-leading to further delays).

He sent a text to his wife that said “My love, there’s a problem with the plane.” She texted back telling him to get off, but he said that he had been refused.  I cannot imagine how angry and upset his family must feel right now.

Also that only 3 of the 22 children and babies on board survived. As a mummy, I find this one particularly hard to swallow. Apparently three entire families were wiped out in this crash.  I found this info in an online news story from the Sun who also included this information on the doomed flight:

There were reports that the MD-82 plane returned to the airport terminal because a gauge revealed an overheating problem.


After technicians gave the all-clear, the twin-jet plane took off but plunged back to the ground and came to rest in blazing pieces less than a mile from the runway.


Pilot Antonio Garcia Luna, 38, was among the dead, as well as his co-pilot Francisco Xavier Mulet, 32.

My condolences, to the familes of both pilots

At least there was one ‘nice’ story that has emerged,

Ligia Palomino, 41, a doctor with Madrid’s Samur ambulance service, was rescued by her colleagues as she lay beside the blazing wreckage with a broken hip… Unfortunately her husband José sadly passed away, but her co-workers wept as they recognised her among the survivors they were rescuing…

I guess we have to take whatever small hope we can out of great tragedies…


One Response to “Human tragedy tales emerging from the Spanair JK5022 Crash”

  1. i am a american who was on the same plane ec hfp aug 7, from alc to mad i video tape the land in mad. I beg spain air to rebook me on another flight on a airbus. Spain air said NO . It was a mileage tkt from united airlines i even called united and beg then.No its a mileage tkt, if you don’t get on the flight your tkt back too the states will be cancelled. I got on the flight jk 6311 aug 7 seat 3e bussiness class. I have this tape to share with any passenger family,not anyone with the airlines.
    My heart goes out too the family and crew of jk 5022
    Robert Huber washington dc

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