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Crewing called

Well, after my last post, I dozed off for a few hours with Baby… When we woke, I took her downstairs to make some lunch. I was confronted by an ‘organised mess of rc model engine parts and spares’ that he had cleaned and spread out to take photographs of for Ebay…

This of course meant that I could not put Baby down to wander around… I audibly groaned, and tip-toed accross the room and into the kitchen through the gaps between parts, only to be confronted by what had been a clean kitchen a few hours previously… In the space of a few hours, the cleaning process of his model had involved transferring all of the filth, dirt and oil from the model’s engine to the sink and work top.

I am convinced Bf heard the steam coming out of my ears before he saw my expression, as he announced:

“I know, I KNOW! I’ll clear it all up-I PROMISE!”

At that precise moment; his mobile rang… We both had our usual response, a simultaneous chorus of


…Sure enough it was Crewing; calling to offer overtime. Figures, on a bank holiday weekend.

I could hear his half off the conversation, and he accepted the shift without even running it by me-still in a mood after all the dirt and mess-I was ready to chew his head off and spit it out, but before I could, he chipped in with…

“It’s a night shift, It’s not until later, and it wont affect our plans; plus; it was a no-brainer-as well as the overtime payment-I’ve managed to clock so many flying hours this month that they have had to take me off my Thursday flight for doing it!”

This means that we now have until Friday off together. So I forgave him, and said

“Oh well-okay then, I guess that means that now you can afford to take me away from all the mess, and take us all out for lunch at the pub then!”

Haha! It was lovely not to cook or wash dishes… Now I get to have the bed all to myself and lie in it in the shape of a star for the night (not really)… Plus we’re now off together until Friday, so I’m hoping that I can convince him to take the kids and I camping together for at least one night.

We had our week camping in the Isle of Wight by the way (I forgot to blog about it sooner). We had fun despite a wash out of weather. Our tent was ravaged by 40mph winds and rain lashed down for all of the days except our last. I recommend the Waltzing Waters and the Model Village if ever you go though! 😉


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