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Bank Holiday weekend

Bf’s been off for about 3 days now, and isn’t flying again until Thursday, unless crewing ring with some overtime for him…

It’s bank holiday weekend, and the weather is absolutely rubbish today.

He’s doing my head in with his rc models, and is downstairs tinkering with one even as I type this. At least it’s for a reason I approve of-he’s selling it on ebay! Hurrah! One less of the damn things cluttering up our precious living space! It’s been sat in our hallway like a monumet of irritation for me to hoover around for well over 3 months; but I’m not allowed to remind him that he got it out to sell-because apparently that would be ‘nagging’.

So he’s doing something with it-maybe servicing it-I don’t know!? I just wonder how long it’ll be before the ad actually gets placed, and am holding out hope that it won’t live on our dining table for longer than a week.

We get the boys back from my ex tomorrow, after a looong 2 weeks away. It feels like so long since they left to go! I’m looking forward to getting them back.

We have to spend the next few days visiting kitchen sales-oh joy. Still, at least we’re finally going to get rid of the hideous 1970’s kitchen that was in this house when we bought it!!


2 Responses to “Bank Holiday weekend”

  1. Sounds very like my partner!! I have been asking him to paint our front room for months and it still hasn’t been done and we have guests staying next week!! Thing is I would have happily paid somone to do it but it was him that insisted on doing it!!! Yet whenever I “ask” him to to do it I am told off for “nagging” – i wouldn’t have to nag if he did it when I asked!!!! Men!!!!
    Bet you are excited to get your boys back!! Have you been away on your hols yet?

  2. I can relate. My hubby has a bunch of stuff out of storage that he says he is going to sell on ebay, but hasn’t yet. And I’m hoping he will finish painting the wall he started painting 2 months ago. Here’s to “not nagging”!!!

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