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Not 21 any more

I t is only 7pm, but I am ready to go to sleep. I went out for my friend’s 30th birthday yesterday (the friend I met in antenatal classes with the loser-ex-fiance who has been leading a double life).

About ten of us went to a bar/night club that I have heard lots about, and always quite fancied going to. It was utterly hilarious. I didn’t know anyone else except the birthday girl prior to leaving for the night, but by the end of the evening, it was a different story. I drank far too much, and wore high-heels with my dress (big mistake, as I ended up feeling like rubbish, and woke up with searing pain at 6am from my neck and back as I attempted to roll over in my sleep).

I had aquired a huge mysterious bruise on the back of my left calf muscle, yet I remember the whole evening (at least I don’t think I’ve forgotten aquiring a bruise!) Most of the girls worked in the aviation industry in some capacity; which I guess is unsurprising in an area so close to a large airport.

I texted Bf a few times in the night, to tell him how much I love him (as you do when you’re tipsy). When I got home, Bf had tidied up, and waited up for me; although how lame am I-I was home by 1:30am! Haha!

Any way, whilst I had a blast, I woke up wondering how on earth I used to manage these kinds of nights out, only much later, 2, 3 sometimes even 4 nights a week in my late teens and early 20s-and then be able to get up and go to college, uni or work the next day, and not feel like a wreck?!  I am starting to realise that I am not 21 any more; but you know what? …I don’t much care either!

At 21, I was naive, made stupid mistakes, was broke, and miserable. I am so happy with where my life is now… I have the man I love, 3 beautiful children, a home in a nice area, great friends… I feel secure about who I am, and don’t feel like I need to impress people; and with a bit of determination-soon I will hopefully have a great job too!

I wouldn’t swap that for the way my life at 21 any day (or night) of the week! Right I’m off to bed-I’m shattered!


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