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Update to the Spanair Crash Story.

It gets worse. This was apparently the SECOND take-off attempt!

An earlier take-off was delayed after the plane’s pilot reported a breakdown in a gauge that measures temperature outside the plane, Spanair spokeswoman Susana Vergara said.

It was on the second takeoff attempt that the plane crashed.

An earlier attempt had to be averted after technical issues, which resulted in an inspection of the plane. Passengers were reportedly warned they may need to change planes.

Witnesses said the left engine caught fire as the aircraft reached maximum speed and started to lift, causing the plane to crash to the ground and break into two parts. 

There are only 19 survivors, and there were 20 children and 2 babies on board.  But by the sounds of it; it’s amazing that ANYONE survived:

Reporting from Bajaras airport, Sky Correspondent Ian Woods said rescuers faced horrific scenes. (Full news story)

“When you hear the descriptions of what the rescue workers found when they got to the scene of the stricken aircraft, it seems almost incredible that anyone survived a fireball such as this.

“The focus of the investigation will now be on what exactly happened to that plane in the last few seconds as it reached the end of the runway.”

The extent of the tragedy was described by a worker of airport owner AENA who witnessed the disaster.

The plane was totally broken apart, it was all full of bodies,” the worker told El Pais newspaper.

Two civil guards returning from the scene of the stricken aircraft told the same newspaper:  “It doesn’t look anything like a plane – it’s horrific – everything is burnt… It’s the closest to hell that I’ve seen. The bodies were boiling hot, we burnt ourselves collecting them.”


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