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OMG! Maybe it WAS meant to be…

After my glum day of mourning the loss of my role yesterday. I was touched by the kind words like-“things happen for a reason”; and thought they were nice, but well, it’s an old chiche right? I didn’t bother logging on during the day to look at jobs; because I wasn’t in the right mind set. I spent the day enjoying Baby to lift my spirits.  But logged on tonight, and…..

Well maybe it’s not just a cliche! I have just seen A GREAT JOB advertised! I don’t even want to look at any others until I know more about this application! It’s still working from home, and it would be a change of direction somewhat; but I actually think I would find it MUCH more interesting-and guess what………..?

They WANT someone who is an avid reader of blogs and a user of social networks!

ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously there was a lot more to the job description and wish list; but I don’t want anyone else to find this and hunt for it! LOL…

As I read the job specification; I felt like I had ticked every box! If I have understood their requirements I think I have a good synergy for them…  Also-it was only posted TODAY some time!!! I felt like I had been struck by a thundering lightening bolt, and given a sign; so I didn’t wait a single second to apply-my fingers could barely keep up with me as I typed my covering letter! LOL!  

I don’t want to say anything else, in case I jinx my chances, but suffice to say I will be proactive, and pick up the phone to call them tomorrow incase my covering letter and CV didn’t get through the recruitment site!

WOW… I REALLY hope the job is as great as it sounds and I really REALLY hope I get it!



One Response to “OMG! Maybe it WAS meant to be…”

  1. Good for you!!! I have my fingers and toes crossed! Keep us updated and i’m curious about what the job is! Sounds fun!

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