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Well, it seems my concernes were not unfounded… My manager turned up at the door, whilst I was on the phone working at my laptop, so Bf let him in. But instead of a keyboard, he had the HR representative and a letter of notice for me.

They were actually really sweet about it. They said that it was in no way a reflection on me or my work, and that they are very sad to be losing me, but that the company is about to go through a massive re-structure, and that the home-working initiative, being so new was requiring too much dedicated support to be viable.

They said that they would like to remain in contact with me, and when there is a brighter outlook for the business, that they would like to look at taking me on again.

Reading between the lines. They were not expecting my manager to get pregnant and take maternity leave; and since the support for the homeworking scheme totally revolved around her-they cannot continue without her-as they are already too thinly spread. It needs the attention of someone who knows the business sector and their company well. Add together the timing of it coinciding with a rough patch for the business financially; and I guess we (the home workers) were an easy cut to make.

I am gutted. I actually cried. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it. Both of them looked awful, and said that they would take me back without a second thought if I was ever open to it when they have the right opportunity available again.

They even both hugged me as they left. I actually felt quite sorry for them; as they are both lovely people who just had a horrible job to do today.  My mum had to make a large number of people redundant recently, and I know it wasn’t easy. My mum was going home, crying about what she was having to do to these poor people; then once she had finished making all these poor people redundant, her company made her redundant too!

Hi ‘Manager’

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and support. I appreciate that you are a very busy guy, and that there is only so much support you could provide me with on a remote basis; especially with ‘my-ex manager’ on maternity leave and the work force spread so much more thinly.

I am absolutely gutted, and meant every word of what I said about this company. I have never worked for such a lovely company, and would relish another ‘bite at the apple’ if that opportunity arises. My personal email address is ‘xxx’ and my personal mobile is ‘xxx’ if that chance ever does present itself. 

I appreciate that what you had to do today was not easy, and I am sorry I made it harder for you by getting so upset.

Many thanks again,


He replied as soon as he must have got back to the office with this email:

Hi ‘Partner’

Thanks for your nice email.  I am just sorry that it did not work out and we were quite serious about re-visiting things at a later date.  I will keep your contact details handy and let’s see what happens over the next 4 month period.  You did not make things harder for ‘HR lady’ or myself we are just very sorry that it did not work out as anticipated.  Hope all the building work goes to plan



The job market is not a good place to be right now. I have had some really lovely emails from my colleagues (now ex-colleagues), which made me cry even more.

Bf was wonderful, he had an incling too when he opened the door and saw 2 of them and no keyboard (even though he’d been convinced I was only paranoid last night), so he sat right beside me, and put his arm around me, and fetched me a tissue when I needed one. He has been great. I haven’t stopped crying yet; so I’ll end up with a massive headache too now 😦


6 Responses to “Axed”

  1. I’m so sorry! My stomach dropped when I saw the title of your post… i knew immediately. I really hope things turn around in this world for the sake of all who are going through these awful changes.

  2. I can see why you would be upset and all I can say is that I am very sorry! It is a shame as you seemed to have a nice set up there and as you said in your email they were a lovely company. I don’t know what I can say that would be of much comfort to you at this time other than what my husband always says to me “things always happen for a reason, even if you can’t see it at the time” and though I hate to admit it he is often right! You have been under a lot of strain with your injury and who knows may be the best thing for you would be able to relax a little and think about what if anything you fancy doing next! You may think of something that you would never have considered if you had not been put in this situation or you may find that this company realise what they are missing without you and are able to offer you something in a few months! Either way you are a hardworker, you are smart and do the best at whatever you try your hand at and this situiation is completley beyond your control – and most importantly have the support of your partner and family! Big virtual hug coming your way!!!

  3. Thanks guys… I am going to start looking straight away. I may have to go back to that promo modelling agency and accept the work that I wasn’t too keen on a few months back, just whilst I look for something better. It’s casual enough, and actually pays the same in a single day, as my previous job did per week if they were being honest. I just wasn’t that keen on their bread and butter work, or having to go into the City on a regular basis.

    I’m, going to hit a few recruitment sites now, and see whats out there. I doubt I’ll end up with anything so flexible. I would set up on my own, but I fear now is not the right time… The economic climate is too unpredictable to go it alone in my field of work at the moment.

  4. Oh Honey, I am so sorry to hear your news!
    You have other avenues to explore which is great and I know you will do brilliant, you have that ‘aura’ surrounding you. You are a very down to earth and positive person and you will be cool!Not to sound too like my mum but something better may come along next!
    Big massive hugs to you! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh hun

    Big hug coming your way – so sorry to hear about this. It is a bit of a scary situation out there at the moment with companies having to make cuts – I also feel a little nervous that I am about to quit my job and start a two year course with no guarantee of a job at the end – gulp. When one door closes another opens though and I’m sure you will find something that fits your lifestyle with the kids etc. Also you can take heart that this decision has no reflection on you whatsoever – you seem like you would be an asset to any company.

    Hope you are ok,


  6. Thanks everyone. It’s so nice to have so many people that I’ve never ‘met’ in the ‘real’ world that care so much! It’s really touched me reading your supportive words… THANK YOU

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