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Bf’s just been called out to do some overtime. Not a biggie, he just has to get a flight to one of the airline’s other bases and fly one of the planes to another airport for work and servicing to be carried out. He should be home by midnight. It all helps with the building fund though. So far we have run £7,000 over budget for this stage of build, and it’s only just got above ground level! Eeeeeek!

Still, the roofing quote came in at a little less than we imagined-so hopefully we won’t be going to have to spend too much more than we anticipated! (Please God we don’t!? Bf’s already talking about us ‘making-do’ without a kitchen for a few months, whilst we save up for it! WTF!?)


2 Responses to “Overtime”

  1. Helloooow again P. of a P.!

    Congratulations on giving the longest response I’ve yet to received on my blog. Your point about gas prices in the U.S.A. vs. the U.K. is well taken, but we Americans still hate to pay more. I live on the Pacifice Coast. I say drill the coast and drill Alaska!

    I took an hour or so (just kidding) to read through all your Bridezilla posts. Since our daughter is getting married on Oct. 11, I found it interesting.

    I agree that the bride, that is the subject of your story, should be kind enough to invite you to the wedding since your “Significant Pilot Other” plays a key role.

    The reason, I think, that your BF has not responded the way you would like is because, for a guy, the wedding doesn’t hold the same significance that it does to the ladies. While it IS important, and while I’m sure that he would LOVE to have you there, someone not being invited to a fancy “to-do” would not be the same insult it is to you – the female of the species. He (again, I’m guessing here) doesn’t want to make a fuss over something that isn’t that important to him.

    My advice? (As if you’d like to hear it) Don’t let the selfishness of this other couple interfer with the realationship you have with your Pilot Guy. My word! She’s reduced you to mixing drinks with medication and sleeping in the spare room. Don’t let anyone else’s inconsiderate acts become a divide between the two of you. Believe me, after nearly 30 years of marriage, if your relationship is to continue, there will be MANY other times when other people will act selfishly or stupid. Be happy that you’re in a relationship with a guy that doesn’t want to make a fuss over stuff like this, or like where to go eat lunch with the gang. Just shake your head about the wedding thing and go on.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – come again.


    P.S. The cartoon you thought about having me draw below?… OUCH!!!

    (This might be the longest comment I’ve put on a blog.)

  2. Thanks Rick… My motto is why use one word where ten thousand will suffice? LOL! Glad to see the spirit of that catching on 🙂

    I did see sense, and we didn’t end up sleeping sepatately. I was just a little worked up. I am sure that all this medication is making me a little extra-wacky, as I’ve noticed myself feeling more emotional about EVERYTHING at the moment.

    Bf does feel that weddings are important, but I suspect he doesn’t feel as slighted as I do because as you say, men just feel things differently in that respect.

    I think actually that pilots are worst than most men for that; they can be pragmatic and too uninvolved emotionally with things sometimes-it’s practically beaten into them during the CPL training process! It can permeate their personal lives, and sometimes this happens with Bf to the point where I’ll spoil for an argument just so I can see SOME emotion coming out of him! Lol!

    We are very much in love, and I think I’m just feeling tired, sore, a bit under-the-weather, and extra sorry for myself at the moment; which is why I let this whole situation get to me more than it should have done.

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