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I have calmed down a bit-with Bf at least… I’m not drinking wine or sleeping on the spare bed!

He realised how upset I was; and rang Groom-to-be, and gently broached the subject of the evening-do… Apparently, they WERE thinking of not bothering with one (to save on cost); but then they realised that they wouldn’t get to do a ‘first dance’… HELLO-who leaves it to think of this AFTER they’ve sent invites?!

I said to Bf, if they are tight for funds, discos can be quite reasonable, or maybe a barn dance or something. They feel a disco would be far too tacky for them’, but are apparently looking at getting a classical musician in on the act (partner of a pilot rolls her eyes, not that I don’t enjoy classical music, but they’re just being pretentious-AGAIN)…

Bf finally tackled him about not inviting me, and reiterated that we’d be happy to pay for any extra costs incurred. I was slighly hacked off that he didn’t make more of his WANTING me to be there with him at their wedding, with him being ‘best-man’ and all that, but, hey-ho, he’s not going to ‘grow a pair’  (thanks for that one G) overnight when it comes to tackling friends-haha!

Groom-to-be, said “he’ll ask bride-to-be if that’s alright” (AGAIN, partner of a Pilot rolls her eyes-sounds like the groom needs to ‘grow a pair’ too)…

I may yet have this picture from a few posts below; blown up, framed, and give it to them as a wedding gift just from me! Hehe! (Here’s a reminder of what it looks like-I love the groom’s reaction in the background!)

I may even ask the gifted artist (Rick) to portray the Bridezilla with her groom right under her thumb, or twisted around her little finger-whilst she imasculates him in front of the wedding party.

This is not how weddings are supposed to be! What is going wrong when weddings just end up being vulgar? Isn’t supposed to be about love and sharing your marriage vows with you and your loved ones friends and families? Why has it turned into a competition for the biggest, flashiest wedding day, and a game that warrants a second mortgage to become a participant in!?

My own brother delayed asking his lovely fiancee to marry him because he didn’t feel he had enough money to buy her a ring worthy of his declaration of love!!! Yet I know for a fact that she didn’t give a damn whether it was made of platinum or tin foil!

Bf better know that he need’s to have gained a title (I quite fancy myself as a ‘Lady’) and he’d better at least be a Captain, or I won’t even entertain the idea… Only a DIF certificated diamond of at least 1 carat on a band of platinum will do for me though… And as for the wedding, I want it in a castle, no, make that Buckingham Palace-with a harpist at the door, one butler serving canapees, and another serving champagne; and a string quartet in the evening. The dress will have to have cost at least 10 times more than Posh Spice’s, I’ll need at least 10 bridesmaids, and two flower-girls; and we’re only inviting pretentious people who make us look good-no riff raff! LMFAO! That was a JOKE-I promise! Soooooo not me… I doubt we’ll ever get married actually.


One Response to “Update”

  1. A disco would be far too tacky for them?

    They sound extremely stuck up and their wedding is probably going to be really boring. At least if you don’t go you will know that you are not missing out on anything.

    Also it sounds like they really haven’t thought any of this through at all! Or she’s been trying to plan something way out of their means and is now having to drastically cut back.

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