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Spas, showers and more…

No, we’re not talking about a flashy health spa hotel country resort. These are the actual facilities on the new Emirates A380!!! Check out this Los Angeles Times story

If Ritz-Carlton Hotels put a commercial jetliner into service, it would be like the Airbus A380-800 that Emirates Airline displayed Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport.

The giant passenger aircraft, one of the largest and most luxurious ever built, was flown into LAX to promote Emirates’ new A380 service between Dubai and John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

It is equipped with two shower-spas, two lounges and 14 first-class “suites” fitted with vanities, mini-bars, widescreen video displays and seats that convert to beds…

…The showers and adjoining spas — the first to be installed on a commercial aircraft — are available to first-class passengers, who pay about $18,000 for a round-trip ticket from Dubai to New York.

The 76 business-class seats are almost as roomy as those in first class and have some of the same amenities, including individual video screens — though smaller — and seats that convert to beds.

Seating for 399 coach passengers is comfortable, and their cabin on the lower deck is open and airy. Each seat has its own video screen.

“That’s the most impressive business-class section I’ve seen in 20 years of flying and selling business travel. Everything is clean, new, plush and comfortable,” said Eve White, past president of the Los Angeles Business Travel Assn., a trade organization

Well, to be honest it all sounds lovely, but I can seriously think of far better things to spend £9,000 on! YIKES!

And the A380 has not been dubbed ‘the flying palace’ for nothing! Look at these other pictures of A380 interiors from various airlines! If anyone fancies gifting me some tickets to see if they can change my mind-feel free, because there’s no other way I’ll be seeing this for real!



2 Responses to “Spas, showers and more…”

  1. I’d like to meet the people who have the money for this. And I would ask them to spare just a few thousand for little old me. They won’t even miss it!!

    Oh and thanks for putting a link to lovemypilot on your blog! I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Airbus A380 is creating new standards for luxury, esp with the space availability. I wonder if Boeing Dreamliner can do the same.

    Come to think of it, how about owning a personal A380 like Prince Alwaleed’s “Flying Palace”? I heard that they might even try to put a swimming pool in there :).

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