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Looking forward to a much needed break!

I am SOOOOO tired. Bf got home at 10:30am-ish. I had not managed to get to sleep until 4am because the stress of worrying about his tiredness made me feel more tense and just made my neck feel even more painful. So having had less than 5 hours sleep, I had to dose myself up on pain killers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory tablets; and get out of the house for the day, so that he could sleep. Luckily the weather was okay.

A friend and I took the kids to a local farm for lunch and a run around, and then in the afternoon I visited my friend who is separating from her loser ex fiance (I wrote about him in an earlier post). He is turning into a complete psycho and she has had to resort to changing the locks under the advice of a solicitor and the citizens advice bureau… I just hope that he doesn’t force his way in.

I feel pretty emotionally drained, as it has dredged up a lot of memories from the split with my ex, that I would rather just forget about; but if I cant help a friend in need-then I wouldn’t be much of a friend.

I have just returned home, only for Bf to say he wants to go out flying his radio controlled helicopter… He asked me if I would like to come along too; but I declined-I’m already tired enough on these meds, so I think that the ‘excitement’ of it all would send me to sleep, or worse-comatose me!  

Any way, I have decided to have a brief lie down, before cooking supper, and losing him for the evening again.  He has YET ANOTHER deep night flight tonight. I doubt I’ll be capable of sleeplessly worrying about him tonight, as I am so exhausted, and I am also reassured that he has adjusted at least a little to the night-shift body clock now that he has slept for a decent period of time during the day.

My friend and I are going to drive out to one of these mazes cut in a maize field tomorrow. It’s not exactly a cheap day out, but I went to it (where I used to live before) and it was a great day out. There were all sorts of things to do there besides the maze, and they cut a different maze every year, so that it’s all new, and has a different theme.  I’ve noticed that they’re starting to become very popular, and have seen about 8 other maize mazes since I first visited this one a few years back. I should imagine they’re a great source of extra revenue for farmers.  Though as I understand it, the cost of cutting them is not cheap as it involves a satellite design process (I used to sell advertising to the lady who ran it, and she explained it to me). Any way, I digress!

Then Bf and I have our week off together! YAY! Cant wait to have some time out, though I am going to miss the boys like C-R-A-Z-Y, as it’ll be the longest that they’ll have ever spent apart from me.  Still, they’ll have a great time in Ibiza.


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