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Thank God Bf gets home tomorrow!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s August already! Time has really flown by this year-it’s quite scary… I look at Baby, and want to cling to ever precious moment of her cutesy babyish charm, but she is growing up so fast. Every day, she gets more and more interesting to spend time with, but gone are the days where I can just sit and cuddle her close to me endlessly… She struggles and wriggles to get free and go and explore the house on her new found freedom of feet that can walk. Though there is the new-found charm of watching her rush over to me with her arms out-stretched at the mere suggestion from me that I would like a cuddle. It makes me feel like the most important person alive!

She also seems to have developed a very strong bond with my oldest son. He has quite a difficult name for a baby to master, but she has managed it, and will call for him frequently. He loves this, and will rush to her immediately. Already she has managed to wrap the men of this house around her little finger! Haha.

Bf returns home at lunch-time tomorrow (well today now I guess, as it is actually 1am). I cant wait. I have really missed him more than usual for the duration of this trip. I get certain trips where I feel this way, and certain trips where I absolutely love the time apart, and make the most of it. I have felt soo rubbish with my neck this time though, that I have really struggled to manage. My medication is absolutely wiping me out and I feel like I am useless to the children. I cannot drive on it, as it makes me giddy and I feel ‘drunk’ on it; so the ‘highlight’ of their days have been walks to the village shop to get essentials, and the odd few visits to the park.

Other than that I have been passed out asleep whenever Baby takes a nap, or trying to keep my eyes open when she’s not.

It will be such a relief when Bf gets home and I can just concentrate on getting better and taking care of myself: my physio told me that I am not to lift nothing-which is totally crazy when you have a partner who is a long-haul pilot and a 15 month old Baby (weighing over 22lbs) that wants, and needs to be picked up regularly!

Bf has been as supportive as he can from afar though. He has been calling and texting me far more frequently than he would normally to check that I am okay, and that I am coping, and just to give me a ‘verbal hug’. I love him to bits, and appreciate the fact that he’s making the extra effort to show me his love, but I really could do with a proper hug right now; as I just feel so sorry for myself.  Bf has a way of making everything feel so much better again when he takes me in his arms and just hugs me close. It’s as though all my problems disolve and become meaningless.


7 Responses to “Thank God Bf gets home tomorrow!”

  1. What a pain your neck injury hasn’t sorted itself out yet – did the physio help at all? Glad to hear you’ve got your partner back there, that must be taking your mind off the pain! 🙂

  2. So far the physio hasn’t even been able to do anything except give me a gel pack to do warm compress and some excercises, as my neck muscles are too tightly in spasm and painful to massage! I have noticed SOME improvement though… Thanks for asking x

  3. Gosh I can’t believe there isn’t more they can do for you. It seems medieval that you have to just leave it to sort itself out.

    I’ve been in and out of clinic with my younger sister this week – she’s got some serious muscle damage in her groin and is barely able to walk. My parents have gone to California – timing! and we’ve not had a clue what has been causing it. We thought at beginning of week it was appendicitis and have been watching her like a coiled spring. Now I think she is facing the joy of having physio to sort it out – I’m hoping it will be more hands on than just prescribing meds and rest!

  4. I know, especially as I feel like a walking zombie. Not good when you have 3 young children to care for and keep amused. I have felt really uneasy about carrying my baby down the stairs-not just because it’s painful, but also because I am worried that I’m going to drop her or something!

    I’m so glad that Bf will be off for a week or two after tonight

  5. Has your sister had a smear done? Maybe she has some kind of infection. Apparently gall stones can cause similar pain, as can pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and numerous other problems. I presume the doctors have ruled these out though if they’re talking about physio. Have they given her an abdominal scan?

  6. The GP was a little… laid back about it all but she is clearly experienced and knows what she’s talking about. She sent my sis for blood tests and examined her – all normal. She has also ruled out hernia and gastroenteritis.

    She hasn’t had a scan which does concern me a bit, but she does have another appt to go back to see the GP. I assume then if there’s no improvement she gets referred. I have been considering just taking down to A&E myself, however with the painkillers she is coping better today and with the muscle damage diagnosis we feel more reassured.

    Going to keep a very close eye on her either way!

    Must be tricky trying to balance small children with neck injury, do you have one of those slings you can wear babies in or is she too big for this now? I’m sure you wouldn’t drop her anyway, even if pain in your neck was suddenly severe your instinct would be to keep upright and ahold of her!

  7. yes, I am being verrrrry careful. She is far to big for a sling now-I think she’d scream blue murder if I tried, and probably wriggle and struggle so hard, she’d end up breaking my neck anyway!

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