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Times when living with a pilot is irksome

I am feeling very sorry for myself at the moment. An old whip-lash injury has flared up, and I can barely move. It started to stiffen up on Friday, and by yesterday, Bf had to lift me from the bed. Last night I was so thirsty, and I could reach and touch the glass of water by my bed, but couldn’t bring myself turn over or lift my head to drink from it.

I saw the Doctor today, and he has referred me for physiotherapy and prescribed me super strength pain-killers (Tramadol), anti inflammatory tablets (Dexibuprofen) and muscle relaxants (Diazepam). The annoying thing is, that the cocktail of drugs will likely make me quite drowsy, and I have 3 children to look after full time now that school holidays are in full swing.

Bf has been brilliant, he has really looked after me. He has been running around after the kids, making meals, and doing the shopping.  He bought convenience foods for tonight as he knew I’d be unable to cook a proper meal for the kids whilst he was at work (night flight). But tomorrow afternoon; he is off to Asia until Saturday. My mum cannot take time off work, so I am basically going to be stuck here with the children not knowing whether to take the pills and risk being a dopey mummy, or not take them, and feel like I am paralyzed with pain.

This is definitely a bum time for Bf to have a Long-haul trip as I really want and need him here with me. I cringe every time baby reaches up to me to be picked up, as I just cannot do it right now.  My tolerance threshold for everything has diminished to zero. 

To add to my misery; my health insurance firm are arguing about the level of cover I have-and are trying to worm their way out of paying for my treatment. I have requested that they listen to the initial sales tape to verify my side-but this will apparently take 5 days minimum!

Luckily, the physio seems to think that if I act quickly and have a course of therapy-she should be able to get it under control quickly. So, I’ve got physio on Friday (provided I can get the kids cared for), but it’s going to cost me, as I’ve booked it with a specialist without authorisation from my insurance firm.  Still, I can’t bear the thought of suffering with this for longer than I have to.


2 Responses to “Times when living with a pilot is irksome”

  1. What a pain! Hope those tablets do the trick for you! Health insurance can be more bloody hassle than it’s worth sometimes!

  2. Oh no! I hope the treatment works!
    Sometimes you have to sod the cost and just do it, when it is your health and it is the only way you can cope considering you have 3 kids there is no alternative!
    Fight the health insurance all the way, they always try to dodge out of everything!!!

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