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Second Qantas jet makes ’emergency’ landing at Adelaide airport

Wow, Qantas are really having a baaaaaad week! This just happened today:

A Qantas jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Adelaide airport last night after a door opened during a flight to Melbourne.The incident came just three days after a hole was blasted in the fuselage of a Qantas 747 during an international flight to Melbourne, forcing it to land in Manila.

The Melbourne-bound Boeing 737-800 departed Adelaide at 6.08pm yesterday and returned 37 minutes later, the Herald Sun newspaper reported today.  Passengers said a door had opened and caused ‘chaos’ in the cabin.

But Qantas sources said a door had not closed properly over a wheel bay and the aircraft turned back near Murray Bridge, south-east of Adelaide.

The jet remained in Adelaide while passengers were transferred to another flight.

Sky News – Monday 28th July

This is not exactly what I would have called an ’emergency situation’, and would probably not have made the news at any other time; but it comes at a bad time for Qantas-so soon after the 747 decompression incident.  Lets hope that there’s nothing in the old adage that bad luck comes in three’s?


3 Responses to “Second Qantas jet makes ’emergency’ landing at Adelaide airport”

  1. I posted about this on my forum… but what people don’t realize is that this stuff happens all the time- we just don’t hear about it. My BF has had to make 2 emergency landings (one due to engine failure) and neither time did either instance make the news. This one is only making the news because of the first *bigger* issue. I’m sure other airlines go through these things as well… we just don’t hear about them. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, my Bf has been flying for 4 years commercially and has never had to land for anything like this… The only situation he has enocuntered out of the ordinary is the need to do a ‘go around’.

    Though I am aware that bird strikes are not uncommon, and that doors do occasionally not shut properly-neither of which are ‘true’ emergencies, as the pilots have to land and ensure the door is closed properly to ensure that the cabin pressurises correctly.

    It was just bad timing after the other incident having received such massive media attention, and I guess you can understand the media coverage in that respect. I never like panic reports that blow things out of proportion.

    I’m sure that the whole ‘chaos’ thing was a complete drama for the sake of a ‘better story’

  3. Why don’t the ground staff authorities don’t perform their duties well. Everything should be thoroughly before final departure of the flight.
    Adelaide Airport

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