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I am officially a geek!

Well, Bf and I went for our weekend break away together with Baby. We stayed in a hotel situated right next to a lake full of ducks geese and swans, which Baby thought was fantastic!  We had a meal out together on Friday, during which my mum called us my mobile to tell Bf he was a geek (haha). The following morning went to the ‘3d Masters World 3D Helicopter Competition’ This weekend at the Northampton University Campus.  I felt like such a dork as Bf paid for our entry tickets, and was convinced I would be bored rigid and surrounded by saddos.

Actually, it was really entertaining. The atmosphere was fun, and not too packed, and the weather was perfect. I even managed to top up my tan! The crowd didn’t actually seem geeky; most of them appeared to be with entrants to the competition. I was surprised at just how far the entrants had come from to participate (literally the opposite side of the world). I was also amazed at how young some of the guys were. The youngest participant (Alon Barak, from Israel) was only 7 years old, flying helicopters worth £3,000 ($6,000 approx) and had 3 sponsors!

In the evening, the night flying was insane, participants seemed pushed their flying to the very limits, and seemed to be hell-bent on flying until they crashed their prize machines, to the raptuous applause from an alcohol fuelled crowd.

Here is the victory flight of of the winner (Dominik Haegele, (16 at the time)) from the 2007 competition last year (I will change this when this year’s is uploaded).  

At the end of the weekend, I had to reluctantly admit to Bf that I had actually enjoyed it. Though I did say I’d never be able to watch him trying to hover his helicopter in the local park any more after seeing the masters at work. LOL! (Damn)

6 Responses to “I am officially a geek!”

  1. If your BF is anything like my OH then he will probably see that as a challenge and be even more determined to dazzle you with his helicopter hovering ways! Pilots, it seems, don’t take lightly to being outdone.

    Glad you enjoyed it! Now confess, are you sure you don’t want to get yourself one…

  2. Not yet! Haha! I watched Bf play with the pitch of his rotors with some pitch adjustment gadget for about 45 minutes last night-as the giro twitched away (very irritating). Apparently the pitch has to be ‘JUST RIGHT’. May, I’m sure you know more about that than I do… I couldn’t be arsed with tinkering with a model like that I don’t think.

    Who knows, maybe in a year I’ll be an rc model owner with my very own tool box! I do doubt it though. LOL!

  3. Geek! 😉 xx

  4. Loved the video of the winner from last year.
    Next step, RC cars? 🙂

  5. Haha! NOOO. He’s been there and done rc cars… Where we used to live there was a track for them, but we’re miles away now, and rc aviation related toys are much more ‘up his street’.

  6. I was in Northampton also, with my Bf and his son. I really enjoyed the three days non-stop heliflying. The best, funny and exciting moments were at the university pavillon in evening time. People seemed to get mad seeing the amazing flights: screams, laugh, exultations.
    Are few months that I’m learning flying and after that event I’ll train hard… Have you seen Rachel, the spanish girl who do 3d? She is great!

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