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H is for ‘Hail Storms’

Bf was just showing me some old pictures of a damaged EasyJet 737 (see below) from Hail stones!!! I was stunned. He flippantly remarked that this is ‘exactly why you have a weather radar’. I am still in shock.

So I decided to Google: ‘Hail damaged aeroplanes’, and have found several more examples of Jets damaged by hail storms, the most recent of which was this Pakistani International Airlines Boeing 777 (see below) in July this year (possibly 3rd, but can’t find a more specific date, sorry). It was operating Paris-Milan-Lahore recently when:

“it encountered a monster of a thunderstorm in flight that produced some good size hail. Obviously the hail blasted the nose cone and shattered the wind screen. Damage was also done to the leading edge of the aircraft’s wings. Registration was AP-BHX.”

Source Point Niner

SHOCKING!!! As if I didn’t have enough to worry about when my man flies (terrorists, engine failure at V1, bird strikes, dodgy maintenance workers, blah blah blah). Now I can add Hail Storms to my list!


4 Responses to “H is for ‘Hail Storms’”

  1. Do you guys have the show air crash investigation there? Well… that show will give you about a million OTHER things to worry about as well! yikes.

  2. Crikey, weather is something that we can never master or mess with. I cannot believe the damage, crikey!
    Yeah we get that show in the UK. It is great, I think it soothes me more…I like to know all that can go wrong – confront it and get over it is usually how I live. (Not always an exact science granted ;-))!

  3. I feel the same as May about the show. The only 2 that freaked me out were the ones that they couldn’t have done much about as pilots (the Pitot Static tube being blocked, and the windscreen that popped out where the Captain was sucked out)!

    After those I made Bf promise that he’d always wear his seat belt, and pay extra ateention to the pitot static cover being removed in his pre-flight checks! LOL

  4. My OH loves that show. I however cannot watch it at all. Way too much material for my over-active imagination to blow out of proportion!

    I wonder if I could sneak a parachute and an oxygen tank into his flight bag… hmmm….

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