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Never say he’s ‘not romantic’.

I complained the other day to Bf that he has not been romantic enough recently…

We have a rare WEEKEND OFF TOGETHER this weekend! My oldest son is away on a cub scout’s camping trip, and younger son is visiting my ex. So it’ll just be Bf, Baby and me.

Sooooooooo, when Bf asked me if I fancied a weekend break away for us to go away together; I got really excited… Until I realised that the ‘weekend break’ would be in a ‘nowhere place’ where the radio controlled helicopter world championships are taking place. Hmmmm, how can a girl refuse such a romantic opportunity?

No seriously… HOW can I?! Haha

Actually, as long as the weather is okay, and we can do something else whilst there, besides watching grown men play with toys-then I guess I can deal with a few hours of pretending it’s not a bit wierd for them to play with rc toys under the shared misconception that it’s cool.


5 Responses to “Never say he’s ‘not romantic’.”

  1. This Blog made me laugh so loud in my office that people poked their heads in to see what was going on!
    You have just described my other half too!!

  2. I’m glad someone’s laughing! LOL… Great to have you back! Wondered when you’d show up again!

  3. I am having mammoth weeks in work so cannot abuse internet much. When my internet is connected at my new house I will be around alot more!

  4. Radio controlled helicopter world championships???????

    I didn’t even know this existed – what have we been missing out on ???

    Looking forward to hearing more about this after the weekend!

  5. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Jem… 😉

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