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Wave at Daddy’s Aeroplane!

A couple of lovely things happened over the past few days…

Bf who is (normally) notoriously bad at saying ‘sorry’ without prompting, apologised for having upset me over the boys a few days ago. He apologised not once, but twice… He followed it up with

“You do know I love you-don’t you?”

so I hugged him, and said I was sorry for having such high expectations of him too.

I also got some great news from a friend of mine that she and her husband (an FO at the same airline as Bf) are expecting their first child! She let me know with a picture of a healthy scan of her unborn child texted to me; which I thought was rather lovely-though how she didn’t burst without telling me sooner, when I asked how she was, I’ll never know! Lol… I could never keep it a secret in the early stages of my pregnancies, despite knowing that it’s generally the done thing!

Bf is working nights at the moment. He took off at about supper time this evening. He texted me about 20 minutes before hand to tell me that his take off would take him right over our back garden. We live about 12 minutes drive from the airport (though we don’t seem to get the noise associated with being directly in an airport’s flight path). We’re right in the country, and the aircraft literally fly right over our back garden. If I invested in a pair of cheap binoculars-I’m pretty sure we could see the pilots expressions! We can easily make out which airline each plane is from. 

The children absolutely love seeing Daddy fly over. In the past, I have even got Bf’s air radio out so that they can listen to him talking to Air Traffic Control on the local frequency too. Unfortunately for them, tonight, the radio was in the car in the Car Park at the airport.  They stood in the garden jumping around like maniacs waving at his aeroplane. Even Baby seemed to realise that this aeroplane was probably a bit more special than the others that pass over. She was genuinely excited about it!

They have broken up from school now, so I kept them all up as late as possible so that they would sleep in later in the morning. Bf has an all night flight tomorrow too, and he’ll need to sleep late tomorrow. I thought that if I kept them all up, he might have a better chance. Then as soon as they’re up, I’ll have to get them fed and take them out for the morning.

It’s the most impractical part of the pilot/family lifestyle I think. Especially as I could pretty much sleep through anything. I even managed to fall asleep at a major airshow once. I was right at the front of the crowd line, and managed to sleep through the roar of several fighter jet after-burners about 100 feet overhead! (It was before Baby, and we’d had a ‘night on the tiles’ the night before).


2 Responses to “Wave at Daddy’s Aeroplane!”

  1. How lovely for the children to see their daddy fly over! Hope you can find some ways of entertaining them for the next few weeks lol!

  2. Shouldn’t be too hard. We are very lucky to live in an area where we are surrounded by great things to do at minimal cost. Oldest has got CUB camp starting tomorrow for 4 days!

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