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Okay, I apologise for not being very up to date with this, as it happened back on May 25th (when I was away) but OUCH! This has got to hurt! Luckily nobody died.

This was the result of a rejected takeoff in Brussels on a Kalitta Airways B747-200F Cargo plane. The pilot told rescue crews that he had heard a ‘large noise’ while attempting to take off just after midday. It is not clear what caused the accident as of yet, but an investigation is underway. Four of the five crew members on board were injured during the crash.

The jumbo jet came to rest at the end of the runway some 500 metres (yards) from housing in the Brussels suburb of Zaventem after the crash, which occurred at 1130 GMT.

Local residents have long campaigned to have this particular runway shut down, and said the crash was entirely predictable.

The plane broke into three pieces, and stopped just metres short of electricity power cables.

“The politicians can no longer beat about the bush, this runway must immediately be closed to the heaviest carriers,” said the Mayor of neighbouring Wezembeek-Oppem, Francois Van Hoobrouck.

Based in Michigan, and named after the owner Conrad Kalitta, Kalitta Air was founded in 2000 and has 18 Boeing 747s, according to its website.


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