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Lost Luggage

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually… Being a pilot, and travelling on planes for a living; I guess it is statistically inprobable that Bf would escape the odds of making it to his destination without his luggage forever.

Actually, I don’t THINK his luggage is even ‘lost’ as such… In his text; he said that it had been left at the departure airport. He’s only away for 2 days…

The wierd thing is, I slipped a card into his suitcase, just as he was about to leave-but after I had done it, I had a completely randomunexplained change of heart, and quickly retrieved it to hide in his flight case instead! Maybe it my witchy genes kicking in again! Lol.

Any way, apparently the airline are going to pay for him to buy everything he needs-so; I guess it’s lucky that he is not in a wierd, remote location where he could only buy Bermuda shorts and tourist T-shirts that say “I heart beer” OR WORSE-some bizarre national dress in brighly coloured fabric that resembles an explosion in a neon factory.

I sometimes think that if Bf fell into a bucket of manure, he’d STILL come up smelling of roses-he’s one of those people who has that lucky golden touch… My lucky Bf has managed to score an all expenses paid shopping excursion in one of THE BEST shopping locations he flies to. In fact, he was planning to go clothes shopping ANYWAY!


2 Responses to “Lost Luggage”

  1. Hee hee so did he get his card then?

    So glad it is Friday I’ve had enough of sitting in the office this week! Only downside is don’t have Other Half this weekend and not seeing him until Tuesday… Booo!

    On plus note going to an outdoor concert at Kenwood Saturday evening. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

  2. Lucky you! I’m on my own until tomorrow night too 😦 Just had a lovely call from Bf though, which was nice. Yes he got his card! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain for you-it’s not forecast (not that THAT means anything!)

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