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OMG! Hahaha! ‘Pilot Wife’ T-shirt anyone?

Just a quick post. I found this whilst I was Googling pilot wife blogs today… I did chuckle to myself. I just would not be able to bring myself to wear one (okay, maybe if we were married, for a giggle, or in private, or on our honeymoon or a hen do or something) 

Whilst I am very very proud of Bf, and what he does. I do not define who I am by it-dispite the title of this blog!  Who buys these to wear in public? Do tell me if you would buy one and actually wear it out in public-I promise not to point and laugh!

I guess it does have novelty value… Any way, here’s the link, just in case you would like to wear one-though I think Bf would die if he thought I was going to wear it out… Actually, it might be worth it just to watch him squirm!  …I wonder if they do ‘Airline Pilot Girlfriend’ ones?! 😉

I bet they’ll *FLY* off the shelves! (groan)

Other T-shirts from this company:


4 Responses to “OMG! Hahaha! ‘Pilot Wife’ T-shirt anyone?”

  1. I would like to buy a I love my helicopter pilot t-shirt size small…how can I do it? thanks

  2. Hi Stella,

    I have sent you a personal email with the link to a whole array of “I love my helicopter Pilot” goodies including t-shirts, tanks, aprons, and other bits! Enjoy:)

  3. Can you send me the link to this website!? Those are totally cute!!

  4. Hey… I’m soo loving these t-shirts..haha
    very very cute! Please send me a response or further info on how i can purchase some of these and have them shipped to me.
    Much appreciated!

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