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From one extreme to the other; work, having exhausted me a few weeks back; have given me NOTHING for a whole week. Not a thing. My house has never been cleaner, and I’ve been out doing lots of walking with Bf and baby during the days. This has been rather lovely; but at the same time-I need to work.

I emailed work today (again) to remind them that I have been twiddling my thumbs. I hate relying on someone else to control my work-flow. Next week, they’ll probably want a 60 hour week from me!

Bf is off to the States on Thursday, (the boys’ school sports day) so I do hope they give me something by Friday at least, or I’m going to be broke next month!

I’m seriously considering starting my own business if things don’t pick up soon-as I would not want to be solely dependent on Bf for income. I’d hate to lose my independence and love the fact that I’m not accountable to him if I choose to buy something; especially since we have differing opinions on what things are essential purchases!

For example-yesterday I spotted a sun lounger in the sale-the only thing that held me back, is the fact that our garden has been consumed by the builders for the next 8 weeks… However, Bf had the cheek to say that it would take up too much space!

I nearly choked-because HE has 3 radio controlled helicopters 1 rc glider and 3 rc aeroplanes plus all of their spares and tools swallowing up all of the available space in our house and shed at the moment! *Grrrr*


7 Responses to “Frustrations”

  1. Oooh that sounds annoying, but then as you said, working for someone else always leaves you feeling a bit out of control.

    Your idea about starting your own business sounds really interesting though! Maybe you could use the time to investigate this further?

    I’m so happy today – my lovely other half has been offered a job as First Officer! He’s not 100% sure whether he is going to take it or not as he has other options, but it is still very exciting and positive.

  2. YAYYYYY! More good news! Congratulations! Does this mean that you’ll be able to live closer to one another now?

  3. Thanks! We had a celebratory drink last night 🙂

    It is all a little complicated whether or not he will take it. He has a job at another airline (as a dispatcher) which is a much better company. They recruit for pilots in Sept so he is going to see if he can hold out to work for a First Officer position with them.

    The other benefit of this is that they are based very near to where I have applied to read an MSc starting in January. If it all works out we are thinking of going travelling for a couple of months before I start my course and he start his type rating.

    Fingers crossed it all works out! So much change at the moment I feel so in limbo…

  4. Fingers crossed they’ll wait until September for an answer then… Have they set out any expectations as to when they want an answer by? I guess he wants to ensure he looks keen too though. Just a thought-I know it’s possibly not totally ethical, but if he has to accept earlier or risk losing the role, maybe he could accept-but giva a late start date for availability; thus buying some more time in which to pull out if absolutely necessary?

    Travelling sounds fun by the way!!!! Hope it all works out!

  5. Sorry I didn’t actually answer your question!

    We are still living miles apart for the time being 😦 I’m afraid

    However… there is a light at the end of the tunnel as if we manage to pull off this travelling then it would be from the beginning of November and then we would be able to get a house together in January and live together again. Yayy!!

    In the meantime it is living for the weekends I’m afraid. The time we have together makes up for it though 🙂 I saw him yesterday for the first time in a week and we were both so excited. Honeymoon period all over again… sigh.

  6. Ahhhh, the upsides to pilot ‘wifestyle’… You become so much more appreciative of that time, that you realise how special it is, and become more inventive about how to show your appreciation! Lovely!

    I’ll keep my figers and toes crossed for you regarding the job and travelling! 🙂

  7. I’m glad you found my blog. I can relate to the numerous items around the house. My hubby collects all things airplane and we’ve inherited his massive model train collection from back before he became enamored in planes. I finally had to put my foot down regarding the stuff. I banished it all to the basement. I looked like an Applebee’s exploded down there. LOL.

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