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Just a little piece of happy news…

Any regular readers may remember a post I made back on 14th May called: Flight Delays, in which I wrote:

On an entirely different note, a friend of mine is going through a tough time at the moment; her pilot and her have just decided to take a break to process where they are in their relationship… I really hope it all works out for them; as I know it’s what she wants.

He has accused her of being too demanding on their relationship, but of course, she thinks he isn’t committed enough. I have to say from experience, that most pilots do seem to be very shy of committing to their partners. Marriage seems to be a taboo subject for aviators!

Fingers crossed it all works out for them.

Well, it seems it has! He obviously decided that she was right after all, as he has proposed to her! YAYYY! In fact it seems to be the season for it-I know about 4 couples who have just got engaged this month! Congratulations!


5 Responses to “Just a little piece of happy news…”

  1. That is happy news. It sounds very similar to my own situation actually. My pilot is the eternal bachelor type and met me just before he got his CPL 6 years ago. I’m divorced and have 2 lovely daughters so being with me was a pretty radical change for him. His first job took him to another country for a year, one year after we met. It was 24/7 duty for peanuts so we hardly saw each other but survived and even got engaged (gob-smacking for BF!)Then when he came back he moved in with us and moved on with his flying career. Now he is away for 2 weeks every month flying a private jet in the Ukraine. We were meant to get married July 2008 but we’ve called it off because we don’t really know what’s happening with our relationship. The transition between doing our own thing for 2 weeks and then living with each other for 2 weeks is proving really difficult and we seem to be driftiing apart. The trouble is I miss him when he is gone, and so want him to be a big part of my life when he is home. But like your friend, he says I ask too much of him and he’d really pretty much like to chill out doing his own thing at home too. We decided to call off the wedding as thiings are strange but neither of us want to end the relationship but I feel like I’m in limbo and that he’ll never commit.
    Sorry – I seem to have offloaded quite a lot there but its really hard to find people who understand what its like to be with a pilot. There seems to be so much more self-sacrifice for us to deal with and constantly swapping between what is effectively life as a single person and then life as a partner is not easy. Also like your friend, I think we need some time apart to work out where we are going.

    I’m glad things worked out for them.

  2. Yey, that is very good news! I love it when things work out for nice people!xx

  3. Hi Mandy
    Being apart from each other for 2 weeks every month sounds really tough – I really feel for you. I hope the time apart helps you both to figure out what you want. It will be a good way to show you whether or not you have to have the other person in your life – you never know if could even be the push he needs to really commit to your relationship?
    Either way I hope it ends up in a happier situation for you.

  4. Hopefully, as Jem said, things will all work out-once this period of adjustment is over. In the mean time, try to focus on being happy with your beautiful girls and your own life-the way you were before you met him. It will make you feel better, and will remind him of the woman he first met.

    I’m sure that he is just finding it difficult to learn to make the transition between his two lives-especially if it’s all quite new to him, and he’s dealing with cultural differences too…

    If it were me, I’d probably see if someone could have the girls for a while, and go visit him at his crash pad in the Ukraine (or even in a local hotel if that’s not possible). That way, you can show that you are interested in what he does, and meet the people he interacts with on a day-to-day basis. It might give you more piece of mind-and also give you both the chance to have some time together away from home.

    If he was reluctant, then it would certainly give me pause for thought as to why.

  5. Thanks guys. I couldn’t go and visit him in the Ukraine because I may not even get to see him if I got there. I am in UK so its a longish flight and although the plane is based there it flies all the time so he never knows where he will be durng the 2 weeks. I could spend a week alone !! yuck.

    He goes back on Saturday and we won’t see each other now for 3 weeks as I am taking my daughters on holiday and it turns out he returns just after we leave. He didn’t want to come on holiday with us. I’m actually thinking it’s a good thing to have that time at the moment.

    Hey ho!

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