Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

“Pilots are loaded!”

Anyone who lives with a pilot will realise that this is an ironic title…

Our building work is costing me a fortune. I am shelling out nearly £3400 per week on it! I say I, because, Bf has no savings at all… He still has his professional studies loan to pay off from his cadet pilot days. Whatever the buildings costs are, over and above what I have saved in the bank, will be borrowed by us.

This is partially why it cracks me up that people assume I am lucky to be with a pilot. I went to a wedding once, where an aquaintance’s boyfriend winked at me, and did that ‘click click’ noise at me out the side of his mouth whilst ‘patting me on the back’ and telling me “how lucky I’d been to bag myself a pilot”.

This guy barely knew me, and had absolutely no idea about how much Bf earns. He just assumed that I was some kind of a gold digger who thought she had struck it rich. In fact, when I met Bf, the value of his outstanding debt on his professional studies loan, was greater than the value of the first 3 bedroom house I bought, and he one of the ones lucky enough to get sponsorship!

My ex tried to get out of paying me child support when I started my relationship with Bf. His argument was that “pilot’s are loaded”; in fact, according to him: “being a pilot, is the 3rd best paid job in the world!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay… let me set the record straight… They are not. I doubt that even the well paid senior pilots in major airlines could stake this claim.  Even if they were; I would not let Bf take on the full financial burden of another man’s children.  

Bf earns a reasonable amount, certainly nothing to be sniffed at, but also nothing like these people imagine. I don’t think it reflects how hard they have to work and struggle to get there, or for the responsibility they shoulder, but it is such a competetive field of work-that these guys (and girls) would also probably do it for less. They don’t do it ‘for the money’.

The truth of the matter is-that I am indeed lucky to have bagged my man; but not because he is affluent in any way. I am lucky, because, despite the fact that we are not exactly ‘loaded’; he makes me happy. He is spontaneous, fun and intelligent. He makes me feel like a giddy teenager, and we have the best time together; we both have the same sense of adventure, and lust for adrenaline buzz. We both like an active life, and have similar views on life. Oh-and I fancy the pants off him!

If anyone is looking for a wealthy man, they’d be far better off looking for an investment banker or a business man; at least that’s what my gold digging, ex-hostie (ex-friend) found! She warned me off Bf before she’d even met him; when I mentioned what he was training to do…

What motivated this post? I received an email from the girlfriend of a newly qualified pilot. He is having to live miles and miles away from her, and they are forced to conduct a long-distance relationship, whilst he searches for his big break, and attends interviews with the airlines-so that he can save money on the cost of living. This is the reality of this life for so many in the early days of pilot relationships.


4 Responses to ““Pilots are loaded!””

  1. So true!!!!!!!

    I was really quite offended a few weeks ago when I met my best mates boyfriend. On finding out that my BF is a pilot he winked at me and said ‘Oh well you’ll just have to earn yourself pocket money then’. I was so surprised I didn’t retaliate. My best mate is a doctor and looking back on the situation I should have said the same back to him!


  2. Yes you should have. You should have said-

    “Well, you should know!”

  3. I get those same nudges and winks all the time too. If only they knew that his take home pay *sometimes* covers all his student loan payments, they wouldn’t be envying me. I was talking to a wife of a captain (with 17 years of seniority) the other day, and when she heard my husband was a first year F.O., she gave me a big hug and said “Bless you for putting up with the up-front cost….we’ve only had my husband’s loans paid off for 3 years…..”

  4. We have not had to encurr any debts from my pilots teaching as he is an Army Helicopter Pilot’ but I still get the whole…’oh gosh you are so lucky, you don’t even have to work’. True I don’t but what gets me is that I WANT to work, I WANT to have a career and as it happens I earn more than he does but you would never catch anyone saying to him. ‘Lucky boy bagging a scientist…you don’t have to work’…I would love it if somebody did one day!!! In fact I would piss myself laughing…. 🙂

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