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Unpredictable changes

Bf came home very late last night, (a day early) which was great. As it turns out, the airline that had sub-chartered them managed to fix their aeroplane earlier than anticipated.

My mum had come to stay, so I was able to leave the kids with her, and collect him from the airport at midnight. We finally got to sleep well past 1am, and I had to be go to the office today for some training.

I am absolutely exhausted now, and can’t stop yawning. I can’t wait to go to sleep, but it’s still only 5pm!


One Response to “Unpredictable changes”

  1. lol, that sounds familiar! And you’re torn between feeling happy that he’s home early, and thinking how inconvenient it is to have your plans disrupted. It never changes does it? It was a bit of luck that your mum was there.

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