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Pilot & Builders

Today Bf had to go away for his trip… Lucky thing-I wish I could too… The builders working on our extension have managed to cut through the drain pipe, meaning that my boys and the next door neighbours are now crossing their legs waiting for their bathrooms to become functional again.

They have also told me I cannot go out to the rear of my property, as the ground will possibly give. It has cracked, and they cannot climb into the 3m deep hole, as they need an architect to look at the surrounding ground first!? They have told me that if they go in to attempt any work in the mean time, and the ground gives way-it would be a death trap… GREAT!  Just what every family home needs!

Bf and I managed to escape for a few hours to a local farm with Baby this morning, to enjoy some food and a walk around the animal enclosures. Before he left, I managed to slip a card into his flight case, and several pink heart shaped post-its with messages on them into the left breast pocket of each of his work shirts… I also sprinkled red heart shaped foil confetti into the card, his wash bag, inner uniform jacket pocket and camera case! I love the thought of him finding them all at various stages of his stay away!

It’s funny, I do miss Bf when he’s gone, but I have rather grown to like my time without him too.  I enjoy my own company, and also an opportunity to be more self-indulgent; but aside from this, I think that the side effect of the time apart, is that your time together is so much more exciting. It keeps our relationship so fresh. I genuinely feel like a giddy, love-sick teenager at times; this morning for example, as I was rushing around secretly hiding all the notes and messages and silly bits in his cases.

We have manaed to sustain a level of enthusiasm for one another, that I had thought was unrealistic to expect from a long-term relationship, prior to meeting him. I always believed that the lust and excitement of a relationship naturally withered over time; but my heart still skips a beat when he comes home from time away; I still get excited about his calls and texts and cards, and I still fancy the pants off him!

I have heard many pilot wives and girlfriends express the same feelings and experiences. I recently read Marriage with Altitude blog, and she also captured the essence of this sentiment (rather more concisely than I attempt with my mindless ramblings) in her post called: The Bright Side

You never, ever get bored of each other. Unlike couples who are stuck in a 9-5 rut, our life is never predictable, and we often enjoy completely random (and wonderful) days off together during the week, or have that fantastic moment of glee when he comes home after days away, just like we are teenagers again.

SNAP! Any way…  I have to cut this short now; the builders are now raucously laughing, shouting obscene jokes and throwing insults at one another through loud-hailers (not that they need them); their language is appalling, and my 9 and 5 year old boys are watching transfixed, as though witnessing feeding time at the gorilla enclosure. I’ve already had a complaint from the old lady opposite about the builders; so I think I’m going to have to ‘have words.’


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