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Crewing called to change the plans-A dead cert on a summer weekend off together!

Oh joy, just as I thought I’d have a block of quality time with Bf (at least to go to bed together at the end of a day). My 9 year old was very excited to have Daddy home for a whole weekend-especially since daddy was driving him to the model shop so that he could spend his birthday money on a radio controlled aeroplane.

I should have guessed he would get a call from Crewing. They asked if he’d fly to Continental Europe to operate a few flights on a sub-charter flight.

It meant he’d get out of some standbys, and also get the chance to fly to some new destinations, plus, we really need the extra income right now for major building work we’re doing.

So now he’ll be gone until Tuesday night! Oh well. He did ask me if I minded before he accepted, and although I’d said ‘yes’ he could tell I was also gutted to lose our family weekend. He gave me a long tight hug-of the ‘I’ll miss you too’ variety, and told me he loved me; and promised son that they’d go to the model shop next Wednesday instead.

Not that I blame him, If I could escape the constant pounding noise of the pneumatic drills breaking up our drive way, and digger in the back garden digging foundations that are ridiculously deep-I’d jump at the chance!

I bought him a DVD, of Final Destination 3, to copy to his IPOD and watch whilst he’s away. It won’t exactly be sunbathing weather where he’s going, so there’s a chance he’ll get bored. Plus it’ll mean I don’t have to watch it… I’m a bit girlie with my viewing preferences and tend to hate most horror films.

I’ll probably take the kids to visit my brother and his girlfriend, as they’ve just bought a lovely new place in a fun city where I used to go to college.

Also, they’re not desperately far from my dad; who’s back garden wall is the also the sea promenade wall at a quaint seaside town… He might also get a visit if the weather is good!


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