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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend


Haha! There IS a God!

Last night, Bf was out with his old friend from Uni (the aerospace engineer). Before he went out, he told me he’d call to say goodnight, and implied that it wouldn’t be a heavy drinking session, as he’d been up working since 4:30am… I had my doubts, since he and this particular friend never take it easy, but wasn’t prepared for the night in store.

As you know, I received bad news from a friend; whose husband (another pilot) has ended their relationship over what she thinks is a drunken liaison with a woman… She heard him in his hotel room with at 4am the previous night.  I texted Bf at about midnight telling him about it, and telling him that I could really do with some reassurance and love, as it was late, and the news had really unsettled me and put me into an insecure mood… He immediately responded with a nice message, and I felt much better.

After this though, I had expected him to call reasonably quickly telling me he was hitting the sack. I could not sleep; thinking about my poor friend… I started clock watching and by 1am, I decided to ring Bf to say goodnight. His phone was either off or out of reception. I rang the hotel room, but they weren’t back yet. I rang the hotel to ask what time the hotel bar closed and they said it was already closed.

It totally put me in a funk for a few hours, and I sent him a few pissy texts telling him that he was insensitive not to tell me where he was going as I had an early start. I went to bed feeling irritable and cranky.

  • 3am – I got a call from him, but could barely hear him over the loud music of the club they were in… He shouted to me that he was fed up, and wanted to go ‘home’, but was staying for his friend (yeah right, you’re such a martyr).
  • 3:15am – he rang me and slurred that they were on their way back to the hotel and that he’d call me when he got back to say goodnight (why did he ring to tell me this? I don’t know!)
  • 3:30am – he rang to say there was a change in plan, they were going to go and get fish and chips (I think I murmured something about needing to get up at 7:30 and told him goodnight)
  • 3:44am – He rang to tell me he had just climbed over a wall or fence or something, to be different, that he thought he knew where the hotel was, and would probably be back soon (my patience was wearing VERY thin by this point)
  • 4am (approx) – He rang to say ‘goodnight’ I think I managed to hiss something about making sure that he’d be getting a nice early morning wake up call from me when I had to get up; to which he replied “Oh don’t be horrible!”

I hung up and lay there for a while struggling to get back to sleep. I remember hoping that he’d get woken by the fire alarm at 6am or something as payback!

  • 7:45am I rang him, he answered, feigning an ‘I’m okay, not at all hung-over really’ tone…
  • Literally within a minute of this charade, I heard a loud, piercing ‘WAHWAHWAHWAH’ noise which was inter cut with a booming voice saying “PLEASE VACATE YOUR ROOM! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!” followed by: ‘WAHWAHWAHWAH! PLEASE VACATE YOUR ROOM! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!’

I heard him groan and the pretence dropped as his head must have felt like it wanted to explode! I roared with laughter! (Proper belly laughter) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I heard the phone cut off; and laid in bed for a good five minutes, unable to do anything, completely helpless-as I was laughing too hard!

It was not the kind of alarm you could sleep through-SOOO shrill and piercing and loud! I’m such a cow for this, but I thought to myself, please don’t go off, it would be SOOO funny if he had to get out of bed and evacuate with what MUST be a hangover from hell!

I rang back about 10 minutes later “Hi Darling, is everything okay?”

He groaned, but I couldn’t hear what he was attempting to say over the noise of all the mayhem: sirens and hotel staff trying to do a roll call, etc… I chuckled again; though he didn’t seem to see the funny side? Funny that eh?!

I swear, that was karma! …Either that or I’m a witch! 😉


3 Responses to “KARMA!”

  1. One word: SUPERB! hahahaha

  2. wow….. 3 and a half hours of sleep after a BENDER.
    And he had to fly the next day ? HMMMMMMMMMMM.


    • In fairness, he wasn’t flying until the night time… God it’s soo long ago I cant remember if he was flying the next night or the following day after… He would have been within legal limits, but I still wasn’t impressed!

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