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‘Away from base’ work has it’s perks too

I just got back from my weekend away with Bf. I wasn’t expecting much from the weekend, as finances are tight right now, with our home improvements about to commence (tomorrow). However, it was absolutely brilliant.

Crewing rang Bf before his flight to the city in question to let him know that there had been a slight change in accommodation and instead of the dull hotel in the middle of nowhere (nearer the airport).  He (we) would be staying in a trendy hotel right in the city’s centre!

Whilst this was a pain for driving and parking, it ramped up the entertainment and dining options significantly! The first night we wandered down to a lovely little Italian restaurant and enjoyed a quiet meal and a few glasses of wine together with baby.

The next day, whilst he was working, I managed to catch up with my oldest friend (we’ve known each other since I was 8 and she was 7!) She and I had a bit of a girly day together and I also saw her mum for the first time in aaaages.

Bf and I managed to have a look around a few of the shops in the late afternoon, and went for a swim in the hotel pool with baby before meeting our friends for dinner and drinks in the evening at my favourite Spanish restaurant. It was great… It would have been even better if Bf hadn’t had to get up at 4:45am the following morning to fly; but you cant have it all!

Bf took baby up to bed with him just before 10pm and I popped over to a bar over the road (visible from our hotel room) for a cocktail before heading up (feeling a little tipsy) too.

I woke this morning to Bf looking very yummy in his uniform, kissing me goodbye. I spent the morning shopping (well, window shopping) and had lunch before writing Bf a card, and leaving to make the 3 hour drive home. He still has to stay 2 more days there, but I had to get back for the boys. It’s a shame, because he actually has a clear day off tomorrow.

Still, one of his old uni chums, who is an aerospace engineer, lives nearby, so they are catching up tonight and having a few drinks. They’ll probably have a few deep and meaningful chats over a few beers in the bar. His friend is getting married later this year, and Bf is best man, so they’ll have lots to talk about!  

He rang me earlier to say thanks for the card (I left on his bed) and said he’d call me to say goodnight (or something that will probably resemble nothing like goodnight after a few drinks). So no doubt, I’ll probably get a call from him at about 2am!


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