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£1.29 per litre

Crazy Fuel Prices
Crazy Fuel Prices

Well, tomorrow I am going to drive 3 hours to another base to spend the weekend with Bf in his hotel. It is the only way I’m going to get to spend any time with him at the moment! It’s a pain with diesel prices at £1.29 per litre, but you cant put a price on love I guess. Still it’s not all bad, I can see one of my best friends when he’s flying as she moved there to live with her husband. She is going to be one of Baby’s God parents if we EVER get around to organising the christening! I feel bad about it actually. We invited people to be godparents ages ago, and Baby is over a year old now, yet we still haven’t sorted it out yet!


One Response to “£1.29 per litre”

  1. I should have called this entry £131.9 per litre!

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