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Summer is here… Guess it’s long-distance relationship time!

Bf and I have pretty much spent the entire past month together; the only time he has spent away from home has been with me… Still, I guess all good things come to an end. It is the 19th today, and he flew away today (only to another UK base) to work out of there for a few days; but it’s a sign of things to come.

Summer is here; which can only mean one thing for British aviation: short-haul… Lots and lots and lots of short-haul flights. For Bf it also means lots of time away in crappy understaffed bases to fly people who think drinking themselves into a stupor on a 2 hour flight to tacky Euro-trash resorts (like the Costa-del-Sol), and sunning themselves until their skin resembles the shell of a cooked lobster are actually sports.

He only has 2 days home for the rest of the month. He wont be anywhere particularly enviable; but still far enough away to miss him. For me, it means that I will endure weeks and weeks of building work to our home alone. I will be playing the role of tea-maid. Oh well, we need the space and hopefully it’ll be done in 8 weeks.

…I am going to send a card filled with glitter confetti to his hotel tomorrow to let him know he’s on my mind; and I am considering paying him a visit the weekend after next, as the boys will be away, and he has a day off at that base.


4 Responses to “Summer is here… Guess it’s long-distance relationship time!”

  1. work is more important..whenever you get a chance to spend time with your partner than u just enjoy that time..bother nothing..

  2. Hello!

    Just reading this feeling a bit dismayed. I am engaged to a newly qualified pilot and he is starting his first job flying short haul soon. Does your partner only fly short haul? I was a bit scared when I read that he will only be around 2 days out of the whole month!! Is this typical for short haul pilots? I had got the crazy notion in my head that short haulers are home every night… Am I being really naive??

  3. Hello hello!

    I posted a message on here earlier but it doesn’t seem to have appeared… hmmm not sure what I did wrong!

    I was asking about this summer long distance relationship post as I am engaged to a newly qualified pilot who is about to begin his flying career. He will be starting off on short haul, but I naively assumed this means he flies to and fro all day and then comes home to me each night. Is this not the case? You mentioned something about seeing him for only 2 days in a month! That sounds like a nightmare!

    I guess I feel like I am walking into the unknown at the moment…

  4. Well, it depends on the airline. Plenty of airlines who’s pilots fly short-haul will have their pilots returning home every night; however some will fly on rotations that see them stay in several short-haul destinations before they return home; and some, will ship out pilots from larger bases to the smaller bases in the summer to help cover the increased work flow. Your partner may well be home most nights, or like mine, you may find he works away a lot in the summer. My Bf does long-haul too, though he cannot work as much whedoing long-haul as he can doing short-haul, as the CAA insist on longer rest periods between these flights.

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