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Bomb Threat Plonker!

I just read about this story… It made me chuckle to think that someone could be so utterly stupid and desperate to get to a football match! 

A German Reporter was running late for his flight from Verona (Italy) to Vienna (Austria).  He was going there to cover a football match. He was declined by ground staff due to his late arrival. Instead of trying to book a later flight or find an alternative carrier, he decided in his ‘infinite wisdom’ to call in a fake bomb threat to the airline from his mobile… Slick!

He returned to the check in desk to say that he had heard that the flight was no longer preparing for take off, and requested the option to check in for the Air Dolomiti flight. However, since no public announcement had been made; he became the prime suspect! (Haha! SO BUSTED)! On checking his mobile phone’s call history (DOH!) police were immediately able to confirm their suspicions, and he was arrested.

The fake threat closed air traffic at the airport for several hours while the bomb squad checked out the aeroplane. 

Idiot’s like him have no idea of the pandemonium and stress this causes, not to mention crew that probably went out of hours and missed slots or people that didn’t make it home that day as a result. I’m just tickled pink that the stupid prank backfired on the selfish jerk!  

So, wonder if he made it to the match, or whether he is instead getting cosy with another inmate in his prison cell!? Bet the match is the least of his worries now…? LOL! 


2 Responses to “Bomb Threat Plonker!”

  1. Ha that is the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time! What a dipstick! He will definately be flavour of the month!!

  2. Hah! Plonker. Love that term. I need to use that over here in the states!!

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