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Trip with my pilot!

Well, baby and I made it out and back for the trip with Bf; and it was well worth the stress and jet-lag. We have had a blissful few days in the Caribbean. We even managed to get bumped up as there were seats free in First.

Part of me wanted the cabin crew to be the kind you love to hate, just to make me feel better (lol). However, they were all charming, and the girls were all lovely looking and a pleasure to spend time with. They couldn’t do enough for us, and really went out of their way to look after us during the flights.

Luckily, Baby has proven an excellent traveller with no hint of screaming during ascent or descent on any of the flights. Bf is tickled pink that her first ever flight was piloted by him too… He said it was fantastic to have us along with him, especially to share father’s day with his baby girl on her first trip.

So we had 3 days away in the Caribbean together! WONDERFUL! We had glorious warm sunny weather for two of the days and an amazing thunder storm accompanied by torrential rain for the other! I enjoyed this despite the lack of sun, as I have never witnessed anything like it before!

Now we’re back, and as nice as it is to have the break, it is nice to return home. Bf is just settling baby down to sleep, and fingers crossed we’ll get her back onto her regular body clock with the same ease she adjusted to the 5 hour difference whilst we were away.

It’s funny though, being away makes me reflect so much more on our relationship. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword going away and having all that fun on a trip with your loved one; as it’s harder to switch off your ‘trip envy’ next time your loved one goes there without you, since you can picture what you’re missing out on so much more accurately!


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