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When Pilots Cheat

June 30, 2008

I have just had the worst news. One of my friends just emailed me to say that she and her pilot are parting ways… He always rings her, every night when he is away; apart from last night. Worried, she tried ringing him… Eventually, she got through to him at 4am. He was drunk, and […]

‘Away from base’ work has it’s perks too

June 29, 2008

I just got back from my weekend away with Bf. I wasn’t expecting much from the weekend, as finances are tight right now, with our home improvements about to commence (tomorrow). However, it was absolutely brilliant. Crewing rang Bf before his flight to the city in question to let him know that there had been […]

£1.29 per litre

June 26, 2008

Crazy Fuel Prices Well, tomorrow I am going to drive 3 hours to another base to spend the weekend with Bf in his hotel. It is the only way I’m going to get to spend any time with him at the moment! It’s a pain with diesel prices at £1.29 per litre, but you cant […]

Stretchy wonder woman is about to snap

June 24, 2008

I feel like one of these stretchy rubber dolls; everyone is pulling me in different directions and eventually something is going to give! Even the inane Valium smile could be mine! I wear it on top of all the pissy expressions that I actually want to give off! Work are expecting more and more from […]

Summer is here… Guess it’s long-distance relationship time!

June 19, 2008

Bf and I have pretty much spent the entire past month together; the only time he has spent away from home has been with me… Still, I guess all good things come to an end. It is the 19th today, and he flew away today (only to another UK base) to work out of there […]

Bomb Threat Plonker!

June 18, 2008

I just read about this story… It made me chuckle to think that someone could be so utterly stupid and desperate to get to a football match!  A German Reporter was running late for his flight from Verona (Italy) to Vienna (Austria).  He was going there to cover a football match. He was declined by ground staff […]

Trip with my pilot!

June 16, 2008

Well, baby and I made it out and back for the trip with Bf; and it was well worth the stress and jet-lag. We have had a blissful few days in the Caribbean. We even managed to get bumped up as there were seats free in First. Part of me wanted the cabin crew to be the […]

Standby… (Non-rev travel)

June 10, 2008

Bf and I decided some time back that we would take our first trip with baby on a plane this summer. He bid for several trips away that we could do whilst the schools are still on (to give us more chance of securing a cheap ‘standby’ seat).  We lucked in, he has a Caribbean flight […]

Holidays with a Pilot… Now this is the life! (of a pilot’s girlfriend)

June 8, 2008

Oh what a glamorous jetsetter’s life I do lead as the significant other of an airline pilot! We have just booked our family holiday for August… I bet you can’t guess where we’re going? No, not the Maldives, or the Seychelles, not the Caribbean either (the latter would no doubt be too much like a bus […]

“I could never cope with a relationship with a pilot”

June 5, 2008

I have not written a huge amount over the past few weeks as I have been SO rushed off my feet. It’s all good though-most of it has been social events and nights out. I have been busy helping my mum prepare for an interview presentation too as she is facing a possible redundancy; and […]